Calder Valley Ale Trail Take 2 - halifax, sowerby, hebden & castleTON

Halifax was a surprise - a couple of very good micro-pubs put my concerns, that I'd dragged the group an extra half hour away on the train and a ten minute walk up-hill in the rain for nothing, to rest - as fast as you could say 'A pint of Salopian Lemon Dream please?' This was trip #2 on the Calder Valley Railway Ale Trail. June 2017.

First up we visited the Victorian Craft Beer Cafe. A bit of a walk up the hill from the station and you we find ourselves in a pleasant environment with a wide selection of cask ales and some craft beers on the shelves if you found nothing to suit. Didn't take too many pics on this trip as we were accompanied by a pro-tog who as yet hasn't sent me any of the many arty shots he took! Typical! Never mind, the beer was good.

The VICTORIAN Craft Beer Cafe

Next up, a short walk across the centre of town, was the Alexandra Beer House. In this place you are definitely spoilt for choice if you like your bottled or canned craft beers. Its like a beer library, with shelf after shelf of different beers. Where to start? Well with the cask ale of course! Lovely refreshing, easily drinkable pint of YuLu!

The ALEXANDRA Beer House

Then, a 5 minute walk back down the hill in the rain to get the train to Sowerby Bridge and the Hogs Head. Slighty disappointed with my pint in here, tasted a little sulphery to me. Either too much Sodium Metabisuphate used to kill the yeast, or some pipes not flushed through fully after cleaning? Everyone else's was fine though. Don't forget the footpath bridge and the ginnel through the shops (its not on Google maps!)

Hog's Head Brew House in Sowerby

Then back on the train to Hebden Bridge and wandering straight past the station parcel office bar, which seemed to have been renamed to the Pig & Barrel, without even noticing, on the way out, we head to Calans, which lived up to its reputation every little bit, especially as the weather improved and allowed us to sit outside. The savoury swirls were an added bonus! Yum!

Some popped into the pig and barrel for another swift one while others decided to get to the platform so as not to miss the train. Next and final stop for the day was Castleton for the obligatory visit to our friend's bar The Old Post Office. Well if you have a friend who has a bar it would be rude not to.

The Old Post Office - Calstleton

So, that's it for now. Short but sweet. More photos will follow if and when our pro 'tog' gets his act into gear and send through some pics. Click on the website link button below to see more towns & pubs on the trail.

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Created with image by Tim Green aka atoach - "Bradford-bound" plus all other original images by Mike_W

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