Moon River Muskoka

Trip Rating: 4.5/5: We decided that we wanted to drive to Georgian Bay for a day trip. From Toronto, it is only about 1.5 hours (traffic depending) and home to literally thousands (30,000) of islands to explore. After a bit of research, we decided to try and find Moon River Falls. For the sake of ease, we found a marina to park at, the area is in the heart of cottage country and from what we say, there isn't much in the way of public parks or docks in the area. After a quick call to Moon River Marina, to make sure they were on board with us parking with them, we were off to Muskoka for our adventure.

Moon River Marina

We arrived to a full service marina complete with washrooms, parking and a small grocery store and LCBO. We chatted with the staff about our route and got a few tips on the places to see on the way, and we were off to the ramp to pack our kayaks.

Getting ready to roll

Launch Sites: Moon River Marina 714 Healey Lake Rd, MacTier, ON P0C 1H0. They have an after hours parking drop box and as stated above, a well stocked general store.

Views of Moon River
Huge Rocks with Windswept Pine

Trip Length: Starting at the marina, we headed west towards the falls. As you can see on the map, it is a fairly straight padde east from the starting point. If you want to significantly shorten the trip, you can look into launching from the Moon Basin Marina.

Trip Map

From the marina to the falls is approximately 7.5km, making this a 15km round trip. We stopped for lunch at the base of the falls and hiked around a bit. In total, our trip took about 6 hours.

Views of Arnold's Bay.
Rocks Cliffs just before the falls.

Cost: The day pass for the marina was $10.

View approaching the falls.
Don't get too close!

Difficulty: The paddle is fairly protected by the many islands on the route. The channel leading up to the falls is also a hydro canal for an OPG dam up stream. Be extremely diligent of the the flows, the water levels can fluctuate wildly on dam discharges. If you are unsure, do not approach the falls. As always, wear a PFD and plan accordingly.

Our lunch spot.
We went for a hike, that I would not recommend is done again.
View from the top.
Kate found an Inukshuk
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