1960's by kamryn s.

A song from the 1960's

Good vibrations:by The beach boys

Cover of the beach boys album good vibrations.

This song is a very positive song you can tell from the lyrics.

the aspect of the song is about the american dream and how guys were trying to start a family

The style is pop which has great vibrations.....

Next is the ….

anti -Vietnam protest

Basically the anti - Vietnam protest started because the people of America were scared for there friends and family.

They quote on quote said ''We mourn our soldiers , they are dying in vain

This girl is mourning the death of her father who was killed in Vietnam war

So one day people decided to speak up about what they truly believed In and went and protested in front of the white house hoping the president would stop sending their beloved friends and family in to war sadly it did not work and America mourned the death of hundreds of friends and family that were sent into war and could not make it out.


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