The LGBT Movement Ken hicks

Love is a human experience, not a political statement.

Some Christian conservatives claim that the LGBT flag is "fascist" and "anti-christian" but ironically, the LGBT movement is about accepting and supporting everyone. Stephanie Motts, an LGBT activist, says, "Yet, the ethical or moral analysis of an issue is not properly based on polls or surveys of public opinion, but on values, virtues and principles." Her opinion supports the idea that the tolerance of LGBT people rarely comes from someone’s own thoughts, rather their religion and political affiliation that determines how they should feel about something.


11 states still ban same sex marriage, despite the attempts to legalize it in all 50 states. They've found loopholes that allow people to decline others the right to marry. Although there were advancements in gay rights during the early part of the twenty-first century, there were also setbacks. Gay marriage laws were repelled in several US states, and hate crimes against members of the LGBT community continued in many parts of the world.


There is a strong difference between sex and gender that many people get confused. Although sex is defined by genitalia, gender is a completely different category that people use to express themselves and they way they feel. In the past, people have been arrested or forced into insane asylums for being transgender. The First Amendment protects our freedom of expression, therefore protecting our rights to dress in a way that is consistent with our gender identity.


Being gay is not wrong. Being transgender is not a disease. Being bisexual doesn’t mean you are confused and being anything else is just as real and deserves acceptance. We are people too and we deserve the rights that any hetero person could have. We deserve the right to love someone and have a family with them, we deserve the right to be respected, we deserve the right to get whatever job we want and keep it regardless of how we identify. We are people too.

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