Love and Nature Journal 5

"Live with Me on Earth Under the Invisible Daylight Moon" by Milton Acorn

"Be any one of the colours of an Earth lover; Walk with me and sometimes cover your shadow with mine."

What I enjoy most about this poem is the beautiful nature imagery that Milton creates, for me allusions and imagery to nature are elements that make love poems so affective. How Milton describes the "floors of green" and the stars in the sky makes me think that the speaker created the Earth just for his lover, I also get that feeling especially when reading the line: "Be any one of the colours of an Earth lover;" to me this line is saying that the lover has the freedom to be anything they want to be, and that the speaker will enjoy their company no matter which "colour" they choose. I like the fact that Milton takes on a subject that can be very complicated yet turns it into something as simple as "walk with me and sometimes cover your shadow with mine". This line makes me think about how love is actually very simple, it's just people who make it complicated.

By: Maureen Bungay


Created with images by Unsplash - "typewriter author mechanical" • Unsplash - "life beauty scene" • karla31 - "sunset evening sky afterglow" • valiunic - "green park season" • Dennis Götz - "Nature"

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