Saturn By gage miller

This is one of satern moons Saturn has 53 moons and nine not really discovered and the most big and charming is the titan

This is the titan.

We don't no who took this picture

Saturn has 7 rings and there made of rocks and dust this photo was taken in 2010 by mark a. Garlick.
Saturn has a gas atmosphere and when we get to close we lose signal and we lose the probe's. This was tooking by NASA
This is the cassini

The Cassini was the last probe to go to Saturn they found water from a moon called Enceladus. This was by the California science center.

This is the Enceladus

This was taken by NASA

This was take by NASA

Saturn is made of 94 percent oxygen and 6 percent hlilm.

The rings of Saturn are 30 feet thick.and the rocks are the size of a bolder.

Saturn can be seen with a naked eye.and Saturn is the flatest planet.

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