My Father's Miracle By Khalid

This story was about how a grandfather and a child who loved to go fishing until the river water got polluted. I can infer that the family was happy, when their father saved the Chicago River because the water was dirty and no one could eat fish out of the water.

The difference between a polluted river and a clean river.

This story was written to show the great relationship between the child and the grandfather.

This photo shows the relationship between a grandfather and a kid

This story has a happy ending because the polluted Chicago River was turned into a clean river. They can also go fishing and bring back clean fish to eat.

The story can relate to my life because I spend time with my grandparents a lot when I visit them.

This glideshow shows how the story is played out in 4 slides.

This picture shows how the grandfather and child loved to go fishing.

This picture shows that the river is polluted. It also shows how they can't eat the fish or go fishing from the river.

The father was working on the river, and one night, the workers got rid of all the pollution in the river.

This picture shows how the water looks after all the pollution was out of the river.

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