Celebrating International Mother Language Day 21 February 2019

Languages matter to all of us, no matter which of the world’s 7,097 languages we speak or sign.

Our languages help us:

express our uniqueness as human beings,

access information,

share our thoughts,

collaborate with others,

form communities,

and preserve our identity and culture.

Closed captioning available in English/French/Spanish/Portuguese

Thank you for your partnership as we work together to make it possible for all people to use their languages in ways that make their lives better.

. . .

Dr. Michel Kenmogne | Executive Director

SIL is pleased that 2019 has been declared as International Year of Indigenous Languages by the United Nations. For us, every year is a year of languages. That’s because researching, revitalizing and promoting use of lesser-known languages is at the heart of who we are and what we have been doing for the past 85 years.

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SIL Communications


Photos: R.M. Nunes |  Filipe Frazao | Marc Ewell | Zeke du Plessis 

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