Positive Parents, Make Happy Children By Eaglewood Reynolds

Over-parenting can become quite a dilemma as it can result in a number of negative problems within children.

Such negative responses can be seen through their behavior, emotions, and/or relationships.

That is why the Board of Education for Annapolis Elementary School should implement a program for parents on how to parent through positive psychology.

Looking at the results of using positive psychology it shows this kind of parenting improves children's development.

With this form of parenting it helps children in creating and/or sustaining more positive healthy relationships among peers and family.

This form of parenting also encourages and boosts a child's creative drive.

Increases a child's desire to socialize and participate in social activities.

It also gives the child more motivation to be active and doing more activities that not only improves their health but helps their development overall.

With these facts, parents who want their children to grow healthy should use this parenting style, as benefits the child, his or her friends, and his or her family.


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