OCTOBER conspiracy 365 author: gabrielle lord

Author bio: Gabriell lord survived being raised by nuns, acquired education after working. Gabriell won an award for best crime novel. His books delights readers and are best sellers.
Genre, Theme, Setting: October Conspiracy 365 is an action/adventure fiction novel set in the desert. The time is set in the present day. Theme of the novel is about unlocking a mystery and solving a conspiracy while trying to survive to the next day.
Plot Summary: A gunshot rings out. Cal hides from his stalkers-the two bounty hunters want cal and their dog is after him. The hostile desert seems determined to be Cal's final resting place. Had his friend, Keven, spared his life for nothing?
Characters: Cal, Keven, and Oriana's are spies workings for the government. Sligo and the two bounty hunters are evil and work for boges. Cal is the leader. Keven, Oriana's are best friends with Cal. Boges has a lot evil henchmen like bounty hunters
Main Conflict: Cal is trying to survive being in the desert by himself. He is alone has to fight two bounty hunters with a savage sniffer along to try and catch him. Cal does not know if he will survive.
Book Evaluation: I liked this book because it had a lot of action in it and kept me wanting to read more. I think anyone who enjoys a good action book with some mystery in it would like this book a lot.
Quotes: "It's not funny!" (167) Cal's fingerprint was stolen and he tells his partners that not to laugh about it. The people who stole the fingerprint want to use it to get into a safe. "It's boges!" (147) Boges is a evil villain that when they see him they are afraid and run away. This is where a lot of the conflict comes from his Boges chasing the main characters.
Vocabulary Words: Desert: a hot place with no life. Spy: Undercover agent. Murder: a death of a person or thing. October: A month of the year. Evil: the cruelest person.

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