2017 ReNEWable Energy & Healing TechnoloGy Tour We Are A Community Driven, Built, Crowd Sourced & Funded: Educational, Demonstration & Delivery Model On Tour Sharing The Collective Dream - For A Better Tomorrow.

This project is organized by: The NE.W. Foundation, The HUB, Conscious Community Systems, Alternative Healers Network & the Family Gatherings International team/s ... ... ...

Our Tour & Technology Sponsors thus far are: Hilios Technologies, the Jackson WellSprings Spa & Gardens, Redwood Affiliates, Solar Warehouse, Pacific Domes, Vibrant Vital Water Systems, Ancient Ascension Alchemy LLC, Southern Oregon Climate Change Center, the Jason Pellen Family Trust, (Ashland Cabenet Co) .... ..... ..... etc ... etc ...

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THE Blue Bird Bus STORY:

Our dedicated and talented teams have been commissioned to convert this donated Blue Bird School bus into a ReNEWable Energy and Next Generational Healing technologies education, demo and display model ... on wheels.

For 3-4 months (+\-) this soon to be renovated beauty will serve as a mobile headquarters and touring bus with a full complementary crew of teachers, media professionals, interviewers, diverse healers, technology experts & inventors who will volunteer to share, demonstrate & even deliver the many NOW READY TO USE renewable energy & next-gen healing innovations most have either only dreamed of or simply heard rumors about.

The Future Of ReNEWable EnerGY & True Healing - is NOW!

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Every Human On The Planet Deserves To See These Life Changing Energy & Authentic Next Generational Healing Technologies ... With Their Own Eyes . . . Finally!

Our Community driven Tour Is Ready To Share The Over 22 Unique Technologies, Tools, Modalities, Inventions And Energy/Healing Systems Donated, Gifted Or Purchased By Our Benefactors ... With You Our Extended Community This Summer.

Help Us BRIDGE THE GAP Between The Inventors And The Supporters By Bringing Both Parties Now Separated By The Illusion Of Distance And Time ... To A Community Driven "Hands-On" Demo & Delivery Open House Venue Nearst You.

Stage (1): Interior Demolition & New Shell Prepping ... IsComplete!

Once Stage (2) has been completed, after only a cpl months of technology instillation and demonstration model buildout, this freshly converted and interactive mobile miracle will travel throughout the West coast (and then the country). Our Community building inspired mission will showcase the most recent in NEW, Renewable and FREE Energy devices, inventions AND next-generational (Star Trek like ) healing technologies ... to YOU and your local Conscious Community.

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But Why A Tour

Simple. Like us you may have been enthralled by the possibility of both NEW Energy & Healike technologies rumored about on the web, via YouTube and other source? True?! And yet we have all been a bit disappointed by the lack os speed, intention and unveiling by the main players in these world. WHEN WILL THE RHUMORS BEFOME REALITY!?

And so, after 10 years of investigating, researching, getting educated and familiar with both the new innovations and thier creators, we have decided to bridge the ones who are ready for such a leap in our collective Energy & REJUVE'NATION (healing) reality ... with those who are painstakingly creating, inventing and even producing our wildest dreams.

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That's right! Instead of only hearing about such game changing technology from the web or others, for almost 3 months during our 2017 Demo & Delivery tour ... all will finally get the chance to actually see, touch, experiment with, experience and observe for themselves the dozens of unique and - READY TO USE NOW - innovations during our "Hands-On Demo & Delivery" community engagements that are going yo be FREE to the public.

Thanks to your caring donations and our growing 'Conscious Community' teams nation wide ... we don't have to wait for the governments, corporations and large industries to evolve, change or move forward in innovations. We simply need to connect YOU THE COMMUNITY with the ones who are CREATING & DOING IT NOW to inspire the next step in New Energy tech & Next-Gen Healing systems.

"TOGETHER AS A GLOBAL COMMUNITY, WE CAN DO ANYTHING. FOR THE FUTURE WE HAVE BEEN SEEKING - Can Be BUILT NOW! Not in some distant future." - Wa'Gosh Brown Longtree Founding Director The N.E.W. Foundation

The Tour Bus Interrior & Reboot Is Complete

Our team has already completed the demolition and reboot for a prepped & ready shell.

Stage 1 is COMPLETE!

Stage 1: to acquire the right bus, strip out & prep the interior's FRESH NEW shell - IS completed. YES! An incredible big thank you to all our supporters, technicians, volunteer laborers and our "RECYCLE REPURPOSE REUSE" supply chain donators.

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Indeed. We also send out a SPECIAL thank you to then "Jason Pellen Family Trust" for their assistance in acquiring our NEW Mobile ReNEWable Energy education, delivery & demonstRation bus, WAHOOO!

- The 2017 Renewable Energy Tour Team

And now ... to our InterNational community at large ...

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Stage 2: Legal, Administration, Main Crowdfunfing Website & Technology Preping Of Bus Shell - Community Funding Goal:

$ 5,799.00
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This is a Conscious Community driven adventure. Our Collective Dreams Are Ready To Be Made Real . . . Join Us On The Adventure!

When we hit the road all donators will get to visit our Fan Pages and official Roadtrip Vlogs page via the membership "Digital Diary" webpage.

Together we will share behind the scene out takes, interviews of inventors and community leaders ... Along with regular candid team Roadtrip fun pics of the beautiful nature based sites and stops along the way.

Our ultimate goal with this ReNEWable Energy & Healing Technology Tour is to spread the word about the possibilities that are READY NOW ... And, to prepare the way for the Next Stage of incredible Star Trek like inventions and technologies that our trusted parners are will to share AFTER this tour is computed its first phase of travel and education.

To complete this intention we shall commit a large sum of our Crowdsoursed funding towards a mini documentary filled with interview, demonstrations, impromptu In-Person sharings and deep investigating of the many devices and tools that have been early hinted at of the last decade. Such subjects and interviewed persons of interest will be:

  • Free Enegy Technologies
  • Quantum Enegy Generators
  • Tesla Coil Based Devices
  • Magnetic Vortex Generators
  • Tri-Corder (Star Trek Like) Healing Support Technologies
  • Light Based Crystalline Lazer Healing Devices
  • Cancer Clearing & Healing Modalities
  • And more . . .
Original donated party animal bus above ...

Help us go from here ... into ... the state of the art reNEWable energy educational, demonstration & touring mobil concept model below.

Replace above pic with combo team bus photo as is here. . . . And mount Shasta background.

So ... What's next !?

Meet our Team

Our 2017 reNEWable Energy Tour team are dedicated visionaries, teachers, change agents, community leaders and Conscious Community examples.


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