Jupiter By Brandon

This video is telling you that there might can be life on one of Jupiter`s moons.

On People say that Jupiter has 67 or 68 moons. But there are 62 moons.

This video is about facts on Jupiter.

Jupiter is 318 times More mass than earths.

Layers on Jupiter

Jupiter has 5 layers.As you can see in the diagram.

THE Great Red Spot

Jupiter has a red spot that is a giant storm!

People say that the spot is a poisonous storm.

This is a diagram of Jupiter`s revolution around the sun and how far away Jupiter is from the sun. It is 483.8 million miles from the sun.Jupiter has 4 rings.

Tempature of Jupiter

Jupiter has a temperature of -234 degrees Fahrenheit and -145 degrees Celsius.

This video is telling you about Jupiter`s atmosphere

This is telling you about a mission that nasa started on Jupiter.

This video is telling you that there are aliens on Jupiter and they look like humans

That's my project I hope you liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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