Graphic Portraits Seohee park

Renaissance Portrait

Selected Image (La Velata - 1515)
Research Images (James Tissot)
Two significant Objects
Final Copy (2 background)

Renaissance Portrait

For the renaissance portrait project, I used painting called "La Velata" by the Italian renaissance painter Raphael. I first did some research to find the photo that I liked than observed the highlight & contour on the portrait. I than took a photo, trying to match where the highlight and contour is compare to the renaissance portrait. we were asked to choose 2 objects that were significant to me so I chose an ear bud and a computer. I listen to music everyday and I also like playing instruments so I chose ear bud. my favorite things to do when I have free time is to play computer games so I chose computer as my another significant object. when I was working on Adobe Photoshop, the biggest problem I faced was when I tried to Photoshop my face on. There was lots of colour adjustments that had to be done and even the texture of the skin were different. However, I was able to solve this by using adjustment and auto blend layer option.

Surreal Portrait

Mr. Melonhead
Research Photos for Surreal Portrait
Original Photo

Surreal Portrait Final

Final Surreal Portrait (colour & Black/White)

Surreal Portrait Rational

For this surreal self portrait project, i got an insparation from Lara Zankoul's work "The Unseen". Its a photo where theres bunny and a horse sitting in a room half filled with water. It visualize modern-day fairy tales. I really loved the idea of water in a room so i decidede to create my surreal portrait with water. i began by using blue tone filter because mine was too yellow. I then added a water faucet on my mouth area with water and melted goldfish coming out of it. To make an melted goldfish, i used finger and smudge tool. I then added a water that came a bit above my waist and made the water oppacity to 60% so that i can see my body through the water. Finally, i added a water drop effect by taking a picture of raindrops and lowering the oppacity to 15%. One of the problems i had making this was adding the water. It looked so fake no matter how much i lowered the oppacity, so i had to look for picture that have the right colour and quality to make it work. The coolest part of my piece is the the water faucet because i never seen a surrelism with a water faucet on ones face. with the skills i learned through this project, i want to try making more surrelism images since surrealism is my favorite art movement.

Traditional Photo Portrait

Traditional Photo portrait Rational

For traditional photo portrait, i took a photo of Amanda and Soobin. i used side light and front light for the Amanda because i wanted to show her bright personality through the photo and these lightings were perfect. it didnt add too much shawdow and lots of highlight which more of bright mood. For Soobin, i just used side light because it added a bit of shadow on the side of her face, giving more of an sad, serious of even mysterious.

What i've learned from Steve Carty/Future

For the first half, Steve started by talking about himself and his passion toward photography and for second half, he thought us about basic lightings. he first teached us about the safety zone, which is a zone where as long as one place the lighting inside the safety zone, the lighting would never fail. After he talked about basic lightings which are; front, side and back light. he told us where to placement and the distance of the lights to achieve the desired photo.The skills i learned from Steve will be very useful for me when taking portrait. Basic lighting elements i learned would be useful since its a basic when taking a portrait photo and its always good to know how to do varietyu of things.


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