Dream House David tremblay

In the forest

If I had to choose where I put my house, I would put it in the forest. We are far from everything , it smells nature, there's no annoying neighbors, you are free! Plus, the forest really looks good and alive, comparee to the city you always feel stress and everything goes fast.


Of course if I had the money for it, my house would be independant and ecological, with solar pannel, geothermical machines to keep me warm or even a mill in a water source nearby to have even more electricity.


With ecological things, I could also add a little food source near. Like apple trees, berries, Little plants that can provides low source of food and ingredient, maybe some animals too! Some chikens to have eggs, cows or goat for the milk, ect. Like that I could survive even if nobody was on earth anymore :c .

In the trees

A little thing that I dream of since I was a little kid, the house, or a part of it, would be hanging in the trees! That is something amazing, you are also a little bit more protected from animals om the ground that could scare you, and even ground insects.


Now for the inside, I won't choose anything too fancy (just a little). I want it to be safe for my childrens and spacy enough so we can have our privacy. I don't want it to be too much technological (even if I had the money for it) because I want my childrens to live in the real world, not in front of their screens all the time. I want them to develop autonomy and be ressourceful.

Still, I can't avoid technologie since it is after all an autosufficient house with constant electricity source. I would still have some usefull things like a tv, radio, microwave ect. You know, the usual stuff. If possible, just for fun, I would do a parcour to go from tree to tree, with some little cabinets to do some special things, exemple one tree woth the chikens, another one with Flowers. That way my house isn't just a big square with everything. I would still keep the rooms to sleep, kitchen and dinning table on the main house.

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