The 20's were a time of great change and innovation. Were the 1920's a "return to normalcy" or a time of greta change and innovation?

The Scopes Trial

"For God's sake let the children have their minds kept open - close no doors to their knowledge. Make the distinction between religion and science. Let them both. Let them be taught. Let them both live." People believed that the teaching of evolution was wrong while some people believed it was good for children to have both. It gave them an opportunity to choose what to believe. Some people wanted the word of God to be taught because they wanted their children to grow up believing in the bible. They believed scientist and evolution was wrong.


"We can not shut out of view the fact that public health and public safety may be harmed by the general use of alcohol ." Some people believed that alcohol consumption needed to be illegal to keep the public safe and healthy. They believed by making alcohol consumption illegal , it would lower the crime rate and strengthen families. This also saved the wheat crop they were using for alcohol. They could now use it for bread and flour.

Women's Suffrage

"In those southern states where the colored population out numbers the white, to double the number of ignorant voters by giving the colored woman the right to vote would produce a condition that would be absolutely intolerable." Men did not want to give white women the right to vote and they also didn't want to give it to black women because the believed that they should stick to their womanly duties. They believed women should be taking care of children, cooking, and cleaning.

This cartoon represents the prohibition party and the problems they resolved. They signed against trafficking in girls, gambling, partner ship with thieves, defiance of laws, political corruption and saloons. The hand that says political party on it is stabbing the fish with a syringe that says vote which I think stands for the political party making all these problems go away by voting.

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