Technology & Business Solutions and Programme Management Consulting unlocking your advantage

Leading innovation in environments that have strong, complex and integrated business & technology dependencies that must synthesise to unlock business benefits and release advantage in the marketplace.

Enabling you to...

Design holistic IT Business Change Portfolios that release your advantage in the marketplace.

Deliver converged IT Business Portfolios that unlock your business' benefits & meet your customer needs.

Manage domains that have strong, complex & integrated business & technology dependencies that must synthesise to unlock business benefits and release advantage in the marketplace.

  1. Technology & Business Solution Design
  2. Project & Programme Management
  1. Integrated Technology & Business Solutions
  2. Software Product Development Management
  3. IT Infrastructure Transition & Transformation
"Technology is more than an enabler but an intimate and systemic connector of the business value stream, for delivering products and services to markets that must be considered as a system for unlocking advantage." - Quintin
"Quintin is an astute professional and I have had great pleasure working with him...I have not for a single moment doubted whether Quintin and his team could deliver – especially against tight deadlines." (Customer, IT Service Delivery Manager)
Technology & Business Implementation Management

Delivering converged IT Business Portfolios that unlock business & customer benefits...

  • Deliver large-scale, complex, strategic & tactical techno-business portfolios and programs, by leveraging experience in software development management and maintaining a business & customer perspective to preserve business integrity, market confidence, maintain trajectory & velocity and create advantage.
  • Form, lead & coach multi-dimensional, cross-functional & trans-disciplinary techno-business teams to deliver complex change across the value stream, by combining delivery & cross-domain subject matter experts, as well as suppliers, into a cohesive delivery unit to unlock expertise and tacit knowledge for successful delivery.
  • Reduce risks to the operational environment through systemic analysis and planning of the impact to the business and target market domains. This minimises disruption to the business and customer, improves cost containment and maximises the release of expected benefits.
  • Craft the change journey in collaboration with important internal & external technology & business stakeholders using an inclusive approach that considers their interests to increase participation, acceptance, adoption and success.
“It's not often that you meet an individual with the skill set that Quintin has. Having been involved in many large scale, complex IT projects, it was refreshing to engage with a true professional, someone who had all the attributes required to ensure success.” (Customer, Banking Executive)
Technology & Business Solution Design

Designing holistic IT Business Portfolios that release advantage in the marketplace...

  • Design large-scale, complex, strategic & tactical techno-business portfolios and programs that converge multiple initiatives into a cohesive delivery & benefit release system, by integrating systemic factors into program design to avoid unintended impacts and unlocking emergent efficacy and efficiency.
  • Translate strategic & tactical objectives, technology & business requirements into product, service and program roadmaps and blueprints to create desired business and financial outcomes by designing programs that work synergistically and converge to produce the benefits that create market advantage.
  • Conduct research that provides internal and market insights for optimising and revitalising product and market strategies by analysing market trends, customer feedback, competing products & services as well as internal capability for defining competitive strategies and translating these into delivery blueprints and roadmaps.
  • Focus solution design around the customer and the people in the organisation who operate and deliver its products and services to the market by shifting the emphasis of design from the from the technical factors of the value stream to the intangible factors that influence acceptance and adoption.
Quintin is a unique individual that brought a fresh perspective to everything he worked on ...He thinks outside the box and creatively to effectively deliver results in a challenging environment.” (Customer, PMO Manager)

Principal Consultant

Quintin LaljitBSc (Computer Science), MSc (Management of Technology & Innovation)

I am an experienced technology & business manager and leader with significant experience in the fields of software development & IT management, project & program management as well as technology & business consulting.

I have participated in and/or directed many large scale, complex and multi-million ZAR IT & Business projects in a variety of industries.

I am a naturally curious, strategic and integrative thinker and I am constantly looking for ways to discover, co-create and innovate with my team and customers, to develop & deliver solutions and programs that solve their challenges and to promote advantage in the marketplace.


  1. Technology & Business Solutions, Projects & Program Consultant, 3y+
  2. Head of Software Development and Projects, 3y+
  3. Software Development Project Manager / Business Analyst, 4y+
  4. Senior Software Analyst / Developer, 7y+
Technology & Business Management Experience
"Human-centeredness, Excellence, Restlessness, Commitment, Flexibility, Curiosity & Discovery - these inspire me to develop real, deep relationships with my team and customers, understand their challenges and opportunities, and co-create better futures." - Quintin
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