South Dakota is awesome jamel butler

South Dakota has often been referred as the land of infinite variety.

Coyote eat both meat and vegetation.

It grows wild through out the state and its blooming is one of the first sings in south Dakota.

There are three types of bees in the hive.

Under God the people rule which shall be the motto of the state of South Dakota.

South Dakota has also been referred as the land of plenty.

Hail south Dakota is the official state song adopted on march 5, 1943.

South Dakotas state stone is mount rushmore.

The white spruce was adopted by the south Dakota legislature.

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Jamel Butler


Created with images by schamantra - "mountain rushmore stone carving" • jimbowen0306 - "Mount Rushmore" • skeeze - "coyote wildlife nature" • Pezibear - "common pasque flower pulsatilla vulgaris flower" • skeeze - "bee macro insect" • amanderson2 - "Mt Rushmore Rapid City" • Skitterphoto - "pine trees winter white"

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