SURPRISE the JOURNEY begins.. lol huhaaa!!!!!!!!

This is the journey of mad Girl.. the girl with two birthday in year... Tithinusaar and according to English calendar. The one who want to enjoy his life to its full. I am saying sorry now only for my english.. So lets begin the adventurer..!!

मुलाचे पाय पाळण्यात दिसतात... love to be happy always!!
माझी पहिली भेट ही काहीशी छोट्या भांडणातून झाली.. I donno you are aware of that moment or not but i decided on that day only i will never going to talk with you.. पण, नियतीला ते मान्य नव्हतं ना .....
the relation which began with fight.... and we love to fight like that..
this is me and my sis!!
the girl who love food always ready to eat... always ready to sleep.. and ready to do some funny things... girl with some favorite song like नाच रे मोरा आणि असावा सुंदर चॉकलेट चा बंगला :p
मै ऐसी क्यूँ हू ??

the most important part of her life is FRIENDS and FAMILY.. without which she will be incomplete.

Ladies first!!
Now its time for झिंगाट group... the one which is to close to me and i know for you also this will be the same.. we enjoyed a moments काही आंबट आणि काही गोड...
golden memories.. page from the old book @college days.
More photos to come.. from so called IV and a small trip to Sinhgad with to much coolness in those photos..

Sorry, ERROR found क्षमस्व आहोत कारण यात आपल्या कुटुंबियांचे फोटो उपलब्ध करण्यास आम्ही असमर्थ ठरलोतूर्तास पुढील फोटोचा आनंद घ्यावा..

if you wish give me the photos i will add them later.
Now its time to know the Bday girll better. What she likes ?? that is mystery but somewhat i found an answer to that.
Minions, Food and photography and many things which i also donno
Sorry forget to give the idea about this whole thing.. this whoe thing about someones birthday someones special.. whose name is CHAITRALI.........
Wish you many many happy returns of the day!!!!! sorry for disclosing the number. :P

hope that you will like it... if any correction are required do it by yourself and if you can't enjoy as this only.. i am done.. husshhh !! this is taking so much effort say thanks to me.

Before saying bbye some more comments to add..
नटखट अशी एक व्यक्ती... झटपट ची एक चाहती.... मिनियनची एक संगती .... खाण्याची एक गमती.... समुद्राची एक लहर.... मस्तीची एक मोहर ..... आनंदाची एक परी .... महत्वाची ती सूरी ..... फुलाची एक पाकळी ... हास्याची आठवण चैत्राली... - Sanket
If u find urself lost in dark and u cant sea I'll be the light to guide u...!!
HaPpY BiRtHdAy DeAr....LuV u So MuCh... the words are less to explain bond between us, sometimes simple smile and slience explains more than the words..!!
Happiiee b'day to duplicate pareeniti chopra

Because of some technical issue some people are not available in here.. in future those changes can be take care.

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Bhushan Pawar



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