The Cellar by natasha preston

The book The Cellar by Natasha Preston was published March 1st in 2014. The author, Natasha Preston, was born in 1988, January 5th. The Cellar was her number one seller and number 6 on the best seller list in 2014. Natasha Preston grew up in the UK. Her books are mostly thrillers and romance. She started righting by publishing online stories and claims she "Hasn't looked back since".

This book is based in the town of Long Thorpe. Everything is normal in the town, Summer and her friends meet at there normal club until Summer gets there and a friend of hers, Kerri, can't find Rachel (another friend of hers). Summer and Kerri split up to find Rachel when a man comes up to Summer. He asks of Lily, she doesn't know a Lily, than realizing shes taking to her. Summer is taken by a man named Clover/Colin.

Summer is the true main character of the book, the book mostly revolves around her. Summer a 16 year old girl who is kidnapped and kept in a basement for a good amount of time. She is determined to get out but realizes to get out she has to stay alive. Summer has an entire search out for her. Summer isn't sure whether she will get out or not but she truly is changed down there. She is also know as Lily throughout the book and claims it is Lily being tortured by being locked down there.

Lewis is Summer's boyfriend. Lewis never gives up on finding Summer and has more hope than anyone. He has more trouble sleeping and eating than anyone, he believes he'll find her no matter how long it takes but starts to become obsessed with it.

Rose is one of the girls who are in the basement. She has been down there the longest so knows and has seen the most. Rose has a backstory with the man who is keeping them in the basement.

Poppy is another girl who is locked in the basement and has been there almost as long Rose but not quite as long. Poppy helps Summer (or Lily as Poppy knows her) make the right decisions and helps Summer have help.

Colin or as the girls know him "Clover" is the man who has kidnapped the girls to let himself have a "perfect family". He is a normal accountant who believes what he did is helping these girls. He believes what he has done is saving them from the world and the terrible people in it. Colin renames the girls as flowers because he believes flowers are pure and beautiful. Colin is very gentile with many issues to create him to be very violent at times.

I really liked the authors style of writing, it keeps you intrigued throughout the entire book. The author sort of puts a hook at the end of each chapter to make you want to read more and more after each chapter. You had to read each word, not because you had to, but because you wanted to.

I really liked how the author world make each title of each chapter different character names because that was who the chapter was about, it was sort of who's eyes you were seeing out of changed every chapter and it made the book more interesting. I disliked the ending of the book though, it seemed as it needed more to the end, it was like there wasn't enough.

I highly recommend this book because it makes you want to read. This book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I read, it was a true thriller book.


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