Shakespeare's Influences By yaryna chaplyk P.4

Thesis: Shakespeare influenced the world in many ways, his works influenced language, literature, and culture.

Influence on culture

Quote #1: "His plays and poems have long been a required part of a liberal education. Generations of people have absorbed his ideas concerning heroism, romantic love, loyalty, and the nature of tragedy as well as his portraits of particular historical characters" (Lander)

Commentary:This quote shows that Shakespeare's works influence cultural standards and expectations such as what is considered heroism or romantic love. His works influence a cultural view of historical characters.

Quote #2:"During the 17th and 18th cent., Shakespeare was both admired and condemned." ("William").

Commentary: This quote shows that Shakespeare was culturally influential. Whether he was liked or disliked he was the talk of people influencing the daily life of many people.

Quote #3: "Shakepeare's plays are still produced all over the world...The play was producing larger audiences than any other nonmusical production in town" (Anderson).

Commentary:This quote shows that even now his works influence culture, Shakespeares plays are popular than any other play. After 400 years, Shakespeares work have yet to dwindle in popularity, as they are still produced all over the world and attract large crowds.

Quote #4: “...he was an important member of Lord Chamberlain’s company of players (called the King’s men after the accesion of James I in 1603)... they had the best dramatist, Shakespeare” (Kuiper).

Commentary: This quote shows that Shakespeare was considered the best dramatist which was due to the influence that his works had on the audience. Being a member of a company of actors sponsored by the King was very culturally influential.

Influence on Literature

Quote #5:"His works have helped shape the literature of all English-speaking countries. His work has also had an important effect on the literary cultures of such countries as Germany and Russia. In addition, his widespread presence in popular culture extends to motion pictures, television, cartoons, and even songs" (Lander).

Commentary:This quote shows that Shakespeares work was not only admired as an art, but it helped shape and influence literature and other sources of media. Shakespeares work influences even the present popular culture such as movies and cartoons.

Quote #6:"Shakespeare worked with this company for the rest of his writing life. Year after year he provided it with plays, almost on demand. Shakespeare was the ultimate professional writer" (Anderson).

Commentary:This quote shows tha Shakespeare influenced literature with his works that were written annually like clock work. It shows how he was a ultimate professional writer so influenced the literature with his works.

Quote #7:"The RSC was established in its present form in 1961, but its roots go back to 1879. In that year, the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre opened in Stratford as the site for productions of Shakespeare's plays" (Royal).

Commentary:This quote shows that even now Shakespeare is celebrated due to his influences that run deep. This shows that Shakespeare is a great influencial figured as there was a theatre opened in his name played his plays which were influencial to literature as a promotion of his written works.

Influence on Language

Quote #8:"His works have been translated into a remarkable number of languages, and his plays are performed throughout the world" (Lander).

Commentary:This quote shows that Shakespeare's works are important throughout the world which is why they have been translated into many languages. They have become a big part of the world an influenced it in many ways as they are performed all over the world.

Quote #9:"Many words and phrases that first appeared in his plays and poems have become part of our everyday speech.Examples include such common words as assassination, bump, eventful, go-between, gloomy, and lonely, as well as such familiar phrases as fair play, a forgone conclusion, and salad days " (Lander).

Commentary:This quote shows that Shakespeares works have helped and influenced our language. This quote lists some of the phrases and words that have become part of our language due to Shakespeare.

Quote #10: “Shakespeare’s style has helped shape the language of all English-speaking countries”(Lander).

Commemtary: Shakespeare played with language, changing the meaning of words and adding new words he created. His influence on language was so strong that it helped shape the language of multiple English-speaking countries.

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