Olde Town Witches Your Witches Suck

The Protectors of those who can’t protect themselves…

They watch over the streets that the city has forgotten.

They are able to make deals under a cover of haze and shadows.

Little light can be found within their halls, meeting rooms, and archives.

They were once called bangers, hooligans, thugs, and criminals…

They are Port Town’s unappreciated heroes.

But we all know them as the Olde Town Witches…

Sacred Grove


Olde Town is the place where the world forgot. It was a thriving city within a city. Segregation and racism was common place in Port Town. If you weren’t of a certain creed and color, I can assure you that you wouldn’t be allowed to set foot in their businesses or on their buses. You wanted to visit a doctor, you had to go to the clinic an hour away from you. You needed a place to shop for groceries, another 35 minutes. But you had to because most of Port Town was off limits.

So Olde Town, or Holly Grove before the renaming, sprang up and it was run by colored folk. It stretched from Green Miser Grove all the way to High Street. In fact, High Street was a major center of Holly Grove. It was our city’s heart and life blood. It thrived with minority owned businesses like Greenfinch Memorial which was run by my family. There was also the Gao family market and Viscose’s transportation. Whatever we couldn’t get from the rest of the city we found a way to make it ourselves. And it survived for almost…70 odd years.

Until the Night of Horrors incident.

-Dr. Mabel Greenfinch

Skyline Beach (Ruined Shoreline)

The Night of Horrors

On October 30, 1982 a large unexplained explosion destroyed the town center of Olde Town. Some say a ritual had gone wrong and caused the explosion. Others have said that it was a planned terror attack to run the citizens out. There was no evidence of either claim. However, the initial explosion took out five apartment complexes, a local corner store, and two churches. The explosion also claimed the lives of over 1,000 residents.

What happened afterwards was unexplainable. Creatures of storybook origins attacked the rest of Old Town, causing more destruction and claiming the lives of over 2,000 residents and 20 service officials. The sky was pitch black and the sun hid. For 24 hours this part of the city was blocked off from receiving help from the outside world. On record, the only help they received came from the Olde Town Witches themselves…mainly the Freedman coven. Although mainly lives were able to be saved that day the destruction to most of Olde Town could not be recovered.

Wu Towers

The Olde Town Witches

Olde Town Witches are often called Urban Arcane Practitioners or Hooligan Street Protectors. They perform magic that focuses on surviving in the harsh shadowy corners of Olde Town ranging from basic alchemy and basic hermetic sorcery to specialty craft like voodoo, onmyōdō, sanitaria, and etc. Most of what they know and learn is a guarded secret. In fact it’s been said that a lot of their secrets and craft can also be found within The University of Azure Flame especially with the use of occult/archaic imagery and symbolism used.

While exploring Olde Town, you can find alchemical circles, sigils, sacred geometry, and veve on street corners and murals with chalk and spray paint. If you pay careful attention you'll also find and paper talismans plastered on walls, telephone poles, and railings.Another unique staple is finding crystals tied up with chains on light poles that glow in the dark of night.

They are also known as urban goths as their fashion sense is the hybrid of goth sensibilities with hood flair. Pentagrams, Skulls and Crossbones, and sigils are an odd combination with gold fangs, gold chains, baseball jerseys, samurai swords, motorcycle gear, hoodies, and baseball bats but somehow they work. There are also those that retain the arcane and formal look of the University of Azure flame wanting an air of status and wealth.

Olde Towne Witches

The Freedman Coven is the head coven in charge with 120 members involved. They manage the security and safety of Olde Town as well as the business. Although the Gao, Sato, and Wu family runs different parts of the city as well…within their respected spaces. All of the families are expert at combat magic.

Now who’s head of these respected families and covens we do not have enough information on. Those are guarded secrets as well. And most of the commands given are by individuals in mask called “Evokers”. There’s also not enough information on the Evokers to say what they are.

Your Local Hooligans Here to Protect

District Overview:

Olde Town is a ghost town with residents still hiding in plain sight. It’s filled with underground business and clubs founded by the first families of Olde Town: Freedman, Gao, Vazquez, Ahuja, Solomon, Creed, Archer, Sato, and Wu. And that’s just some of the major families. On the outside most of the buildings look destroyed and decrepit with outdoor furnishing and greenery decorating the abandoned city.

If you’re looking for anything you can’t find in the city, you can go to Olde Town’s underground market to find it. From hexbooks to caldrons to forbidden magical items. Looking for a pub with a few loose lips, there’s the Arcana Café which is managed by the watchful eyes of Tarot spirits and the powerful fist of the Bartender Avery Freedman.

Send them your abandoned, hurt, abused, and unloved because the city will take care of them. Gang Bangers who have been viewed as lost causes have been able to find a new start within Olde Town…as long as they’re willing to learn Olde Town is willing to teach. It’s a place where the poor can find help.

It’s also a place where monsters can be found roaming around looking for their next victim. They don’t care who you are, because to them you’re their next meal. If you’re a strong combat artist and survivalist, you’ll survive within the Green Groves of Olde Town. But if not, you better hope the Freedman Witches are out and about. And if you’re out really late at night, the eyes of this district are always on you. Take that as you will

Created By
Marcus Cross