Engaging students with referencing Challenging the dynamic with techno tools


What I want the students to learn:

➡️ how to reference material

➡️ cite within the text

➡️ avoid plagiarism

University of Lincoln Referencing Guides

handbooks developed

various referencing systems

APA & Harvard

well-received and used

Teaching and learning the skills

difficult to be enthusiastic about (teacher and student)

when is the right time to learn it?

how to engage students in lecture

how to successfully manage a workshop

making referencing as interesting as possible

will they understand the content by the end?

Tools to engage

Padlet - https://padlet.com

A virtual pinboard that allows users to write text and upload links and images on a publicly accessible board. Easy to create, collaborate and adapt.

Poll Everywhere - https://www.polleverywhere.com

Allows everyone to participate and keeps students interested in the presentation. Students can respond and ask questions anonymously. It provides a way to do on-the-spot assessment of learning goals.

Workshop (using Padlet)

Between 10-60 students in an IT lab: presentation followed by activity.

Activity: groups of 3-4 - two tasks.


1. Use articles and books to practice paraphrasing and citing.

2. Practise writing reference entry.

Groups collaborate then post their paragraphs and reference list entry on Padlet.

Analyse and discuss.

Seeing engagement and facilitating discussion encourages learning

Fashion level 2 students

Pros and cons

Works best with academic input and collaboration.

Larger groups difficult to manage.

Students react well to activity and practising - this is when the learning starts.

Can be used for different subject areas - e.g. Sport: practical response. Fashion: use in more creative way.

Lecture (using Poll everywhere)

Between 50 and 200 students.

Start with presentation.

Introduce activity (competition on Poll Everywhere).

Prize for leader board winner after every question.

Final winner revealed.

Example question

Pros and cons

Dependant on students having mobile device.

Works well to engage students in the lecture environment (to see if they paid attention).

Fun activity to break up the lecture one-way communication.

Be careful about open-ended questions. Can cause chaos!

Can save results and use Poll Everywhere for feedback too.


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