Double victory

Similarities and differences

Similarities of Black and Mexican Americans
  • Both people of color
  • Both served in WW2
  • society looked down on both
  • Hard to find work for both after the war
Differences of both Mexican and Black Americans
  • A lot of African Americans were pilots in the war and and a lot of Mexican Americans were in the navy

How they were treated

African Americans
  • They were looked down on
  • Mad to feel less then
  • Bad
  • Like then did nothing
Mexican Americans
  • They were also looked down on
  • Looked like they were not from here
  • Only looked to for work

Respond to treatment

Mexican Americans
  • They had Zoot suit riots
  • Resisted to law
African Americans
  • Some had protest
  • Also resisted to law


African Americans

I feel like that African Americans faught in the war to get away from the hatred in the countries and that they thought that they would be respected after that but they weren't

Mexican Americans

I feel that they faught in war to feel connected and fit in but they were treated like they were not from here even though this was there land before and that they were treated bad after everything the did for this countrie


"Blacks all around"

"Browns in town "

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