While men were away at war the women decided to take their place on the field. World War II was when All American Girls Baseball League was created. This league lasted from 1943-1954.

The Original 5:

  • The All Star Team
  • Kenosha Comets
  • Racing Bells
  • Rockford Peaches
  • South Bend Blue Sox
All American Team

This alternate way of baseball was a new entertainment for US citizens, during a very stressful time because of the war. This League of women become incredibly popular during its time. It changed the role of women in US society in a positive way.

This League of women was so popular that a movie was created to depict the true story of this time and this sport. the movie was called "League of Their Own" a critically acclaimed movie, that had Hollywood's greatest playing the roles (exp: Tom Hanks and Madonna).

Blue Sox

In all, All American Baseball League was definitely an important part of WWII history. It was the entertainment of many US citizens in distress, It was a positive distraction from the War and its hardships. Not only that, the League also allowed women to go beyond the norm of that time. The League changed the US society and empowered women as athletes.

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