Robert Fulton By: Sean abrams

Robert was born on November 14, 1765. He was born in Lancaster, PA. When Robert was younger he wanted to be a painter. He drew pictures of machinery and landscapes. No one liked his work and he got discouraged.

Fulton's drawings

Robert then got fascinated in canals and boats. He then created a book called Treatise on the Improvement of Canal Navigation. It explained how to build canals threw the countryside for boat transportation and how he favored inclined plains not locks or things like that.

He made the steam boat a true success. he made the first 8 horse-powered boat. His steam boats were used to defend New York in the War of 1812.

He made the first experimental submarine. It could go under the water and come back up. It was used to go underwater and shoot and explode enemy ships.

He died on February 24, 1815.

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