Because of the new covenant we are one with God and heaven is linked with earth. Christ in us is the light and the life of the world. 'Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them' John 6.56 NIV. God is our life. Life can never be extracted from knowledge or things we should or should not do. There is no life in created things, whether these be solid works from our own hands or the designations of days, behaviors and definitions of right and wrong. Neither can life be found in a contract or bargain with God. We have been gifted life and we belong. Always. Christ is our life. This why you are alive in spirit and life. This is our new covenant reality.

The new Covenant is new and alive. Not a modification of the old. A totally new departure from law and regulation.

'He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant--not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life' 2 cor 3.6 NIV.


I once heard a theologian dismiss the new covenant as 'new covenant theology' as though it was some construction arising from the mind of man. His influence has resulted in a whole culture of Believers who define the old covenant as the new. This is to say its provisions have been neutralized and what would have been the inheritance of Believers in this culture has been annulled. The result is a culture of dryness and general stultification in the name of God. Only in Christ is the veil taken away and only in the Christ of the new covenant are we made alive. The Christ of the new covenant is the only real Christ. A law serving Jesus is actually a false christ (sic).

The Christ who replaces the law is the real Christ and the Christ of God.

'And he said to them, "This is my blood, which confirms the covenant between God and his people. It is poured out as a sacrifice for many' Mark 14. 24 NIV

Real Life is in God and in being Sons of God. This is what we are in the new covenant. We are in God and God is in us. To be alive in the Kingdom sense is a state of being. It’s the state of being a daughter or a son – of genuinely being part of God. We have been graced with inclusion in the Family of God. We are graced also because the trinity lives in us.

He lives in you and become you. He is your life in every way.

Jesus announced His new covenant gift of life in Himself to the woman at the well when He spoke of worshipers in spirit and truth. You cannot live in spirit or truth if you live in law. Here in pre-cross mode we are in Adamic and Mosaic separation – attempting to live from the lie that we can live separated and be Godly. With this outmoded version of Christianity we live in the body of Adam – the body of death. We have excluded ourselves from The Body of Christ and chosen a dead body. We are a body but a dead body. But in Christ we are made alive. One with Him we are one with the trinity and they one with us.

Spirit and truth worship is Jesus in us - Jesus as us, Jesus for us.

Living in the Real World

There is a grace that is the grace of God as outlined above. Then there is the kind of grace which is of man – where ignorance is bliss and one wanders along humming a tune while living in distortions of the truth. We need to know what happened at the cross, the resurrection and Pentecost. At the cross our life in Adam was put to death. At the resurrection our life in Jesus began and at Pentecost the reigning Christ took up His position in the lives of the Believers and the church. The life of God moved from shadows in the law to the reality of Christ by the Spirit in His people. The new creation began when Jesus emerged from the tomb on Sunday morning. The new creation begins in us when we accept Jesus as our life without condition.

You came from God and have been rejoined to God.

Should we be among those who are hooked on law, we need to aware of where law will take us. In law we can talk grace as much as we like but the essence of law is condemnation. There are some unfortunate examples of condemnation about today. The ASIS forces in Iraq are an example of the end result of law mongering. Law will never be about loving or transforming. It is just demanding. Law can produce bigots, hypocrites and condemnation but not love, generosity or sons and daughters of God. We can live from performance and attempt to manipulate God by various good works. But we will remain workers when we could have been sons.

Your spiritual house in the law

Some of us wonder why, if we have received the Holy Spirit, there seems to be a glass ceiling over our heads; why are we dormant and the prophecies made over us have not come pass? Holy Spirit welded to an old covenant mind-set will not yield the Kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit comes to lead us to the fullness of Jesus. Should we remain in old covenant version of Christianity where God's fullness is dimmed and we are separated from Him, Holy Spirit eventually retires from the scene and leaves us to ourselves. There's no half-way house between spirit and law. It's one or the other.

Your house in the spirit of grace and life

'The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit' 1 Cor 2.14 NIV.

Captured in one's own assumptions

The scripture above in Corinthians is not about those who don't know God. But is about those who have not or will not grasp what happened for us at the cross. Contrasted here is old covenant life with new covenant reality, law with spirit.

Veils removed, spirits ignited, eyes that see and ears that hear

An old covenant mind-set is not assuaged by a more liberal version of Christianity. While we may appear more laid-back, our discernment will be poor and our spiritual authority meager. We will incline to a more sophisticated religion yet remain outside the fullness of Christ and the unfettered revelation of Christ. Here we may excel in liberal theology but have limited experience of the wisdom and revelation of Jesus. Among the better educated, law ties us to the letter, to 'sanctified' structures and the sacralising or our religion causing us to find our security in externals that comfort our flesh rather than exposing ourselves to the adventure of the fullness of Christ. Resistance to the fullness of Jesus among such people is subtle but consistent. Only in Jesus is the veil removed.

Always Ok because in Christ always free to be the Real You

You are always loved, always at home when in the arms of Our Father. In law you are on your own. Grace is not for the purpose of bringing us to terms with the law. Grace enables Jesus to be our life. Grace is His life as you!


The truth of your life is that because of Jesus, you and our Father are one.

The issue of the ages is not about law. It's about being sons of the Father. Sons who live in Jesus worship God in spirit and in truth. The law of the spirit of life (Jesus) is the spirit of sonship - His life as ours.


It has been said that the Ten Commandments are the transcript of God's character. Not so. Jesus is the transcript of God's character. He is God's son and the express image of His being. You express God's character when Jesus is your life. Inconsistencies and shortcomings are covered by His blood. His glory as son of man flows into you by the Holy Spirit. You are the expression of Jesus’ character. If you have seen Jesus, you have seen God. If you don't know Jesus you don't know God. Jesus was never a toady of the law. He was the Son of His Father and He lived from Him. Jesus is the human face of God. When Jesus lives in you, love lives in you and over time you become love. God is love and so are His daughters and sons. This what it means to advance from glory to glory.

You are as you are meant to be with Him as your life

'And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit' 2 Cor 3.18 NIV.

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