Education Equality By Alex Baj

In America their are many people that aren’t treated the same way as others. Equal education is a huge problem today. Their are some students that are not getting the same educational opportunities as other students to be prepared for life.( Also, schooling is very expensive for some families so they can not afford proper education for their kids. All students deserve the same opportunities to do as good in life as each other. This connects to Civil Rights because African Americans did not have the same opportunities as white men during the Reconstruction, similar to schooling now.

Both of these issues are similar because they both deserve to have an equal chance of what they are doing in life. Having equal education will give millions of people great opportunities to live their lives to the fullest. On their was a chart provided showing how millions of people that are lacking proper education. Clearly, people do not have the same education as everyone and it is mostly based on race. Whites are dominant in getting education and the blacks get the least amount out of education. During the Reconstruction blacks were just issued free people. Many people still believed that they should have had all the benefits as white men. So for all the jobs they did they got paid less and most of the black population could not vote because literacy tests were issued to vote, and most African American’s were illiterate because they never had education ( This is significant, because blacks were not treated with dignity and respect that they deserved. A graph made in 2011 showed which races were the best in school and worst. Whites and Asians were the best and Hispanics and Blacks did the worst. Therefore, they are both similar because they both are not treated the same.

Education inequality is should be fixed and people should have equal educational rights. Many people still are not graduating high school. From it stated that people that do not graduate high school severely lowers the risk of them going or graduating college. Because of this, a conclusion that can be drawn is that millions of people do not have the same opportunities to have a proper education and a great future. African Americans put all their time in energy into getting their rights. They rallied, peacefully protested, and speeches were made to get So because of their hard work they got their Civil Rights. ( Clearly, because how hard African Americans worked for their rights should rub off on the effect for all kids to have equal education. ( Therefore, students deserve the same education chances as everyone else.

A normal person like you can help solve this problem. You could fight like the African Americans fought for their rights, like to vote and be treated the same. Kids need to have proper education to succeed in life. Why should kids not have the right to a proper education just because they can not afford it. All people deserve to have the education to thrive and do things with their lives. Your hard work can and would pay off. Equal education will benefit future generations. You may not think your actions do not make a difference, by I assure it will help others and they will be grateful for your generosity. Therefore, if you want to help you can donate money and work hard to get proper education for all.

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