Making Bombs for Hitler Brandon Fowler

Exemplary Evaluator May 4

  1. Born in Brantford,ON
  2. Was not able to read until about 4th grade.
  3. Wrote for school newspaper.
  4. Started off in an industrial supply job.
  5. Read "Cat in The Hat" and thought the cat was terrorizing the kids.
  6. Her father had the Ukrainian literally beat out of him by his teachers.
  7. Her first published picture book was "Silver Threads"
  8. Liked to write stories about underdogs.
  9. Marsha is Ukrainian.
  10. Did not always want to be an author.
  11. Decided to be author when she read Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.
  12. Glad that she repeated 4th grade.
  13. Her first book ¨Silver Threads¨ was published in 1996.

Connection Builder May 3

An event in my novel and an event in real life today have a similarity of the discrimination of a certain group of people. In my novel, it was Adolf Hitler who ordered the gassing and burning of Jews because he did not like them and thought them "impure" Nowadays, it's ISIS who is beheading of Christians if they do not denounce Jesus and give up their religion and ordering attacks on people. One way to prevent this and is simple and easy is to just annihilate the human race. If there are no people to discriminate, then discrimination will not happen. This could be done by using bombs to blow up major cities and then going after everyone else and just leave the Earth for the plants and animals.

Character Captain May 2

Word Wizard May 1

Literary Luminary April 28

Discussion Director April 26

  1. Lida was treated poorly during WWII but still better than some people.
  2. Building the bombs leaves her malnourished and emotionally traumatized.
  3. Lida and Luka look for their family members together at the camps they were taken to after being liberated.
  4. Lida helps one of the adults at the liberation camp clean up Luka after he was beat up by Soviets
  5. Lida is not Jewish but her sister Larissa is
  6. Lida and Luka go to Canada together.
  7. Lida finally got a note from her sister saying she was safe and in Canada
In a Nazi labour camp, Lida started as a seamstress fixing clothes. She was given bottom of the line soup which was basically dirty water. She also was forced to build bombs for the Germans. Her friend Julie was killed by an officer at the camp. Lida was sold to a man to work for him as a slave.

Exemplary Evaluator April 25

This might sway people to believe that the Russians were monsters because people may have been afraid of the Russian secret police at the time for the atrocities they have committed. The Russians first secret police was called Cheka which was established in 1917 soon acquired powers of summary justice and began a campaign of terror against propertied classes and enemies of Bolshevism. After the Russian civil war ended, the Cheka was disbanded, its functions were transferred to the GPU which was less powerful and lead by Joseph Stalin.

Connection Builder April 24

Lida and I are similar because the Nazis have damaged our family in some way like when the nurse separated Larissa and Lida from each other and that my great grandfather was on the second to last ship to flee Germany and that some of his family did not get out and escape the Nazis. We also both have a goal and would not let an obstacle get in the way of hindering that and doing our best to achieve the goal whatever it maybe.

Character Captain April 21

Literary Luminary April 19

Discussion Director April 18

Making Bombs For Hitler by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch is a fiction novel where a little girl named Lida is separated from her sister and throughout her time in the labour camp, she never gives up the thought that her and her sister will be reunited again in the future. That shows that Lida is a never give up type of person even when things look bad because when they got to the labour camp, kids under the age of 12 were taken to a hospital and drained of their blood which was used on wounded German soldiers. Also after they were liberated from the labour camp, some Soviets came and took Luka away because they told him they would take him to his father. Soviets actually planned to put him and other Soviets held by the Nazis in labour camps because they viewed those prisoners as Nazis even though they were held in the German labour camp against their will. On the way to the Soviet labour camp, Luka escapes back to the camp where Lida is at. When he arrived back he was all bloody and bruised because the Soviets stole his belongings and beat him up before they sent him to their labour camp. Throughout all this and other scenarios, Lida never gives up hope that her sister, her friends, and herself will be safe.

Exemplary Evaluator April 17

I think this is the theme because Lida and her friends don't give up hope on being rescued from the Nazi's by the Allies and they also sabatage German bombs.

Connection Builder April 13

I will come back for you and Making Bombs For Hitler are both WWII novels about Germans taking away certain kinds of people like Jews, homosexuals, and gypsies along with other people and dropping them off at concentration camps or labour camps. In both these stories, the main character has a loved one that is or is supposed to be a taken away by the Nazis or anybody working for their country that is part of the Axis Powers because they are Jewish and most likely killed or forced to work for someone and becoming slaves.

Character Captain April 12

  1. Lida
  2. Young, tall, brown hair light complexion
  3. Sibling of Larissa
  4. Lover of hope
  5. Who feels the need to helping people
  6. Who needs to find her sister
  7. Who gives hope to others
  8. Who fears the Nazi's
  9. Who would like to see her sister again
  10. Resident of a German labour camp
  11. Ferezuk

Literary Luminary April 10

6 Dialectical Journals

  • "Don't ever give up hope." pg 198 Luka is telling Lida not to lose hope in 'finding her sister
  • "It's not your fault" pg 200 Zemluk is telling Lida that it's not her fault that when she accepted candy from a stranger who was a Nazi, she destroyed her family by having them get taken away by the Nazi's
  • "Your first job is to save yourself" pg 201 Zemluk was telling Lida that if she tells the soldiers where she actually is from, the Soviets will take her and punish her as if she volunteered to be a Nazi.
  • "That is magnificent" pg 101 Inge is telling Lida that she did a very good job on a handkerchief that her husband sent her.
  • "Your generosity is appreciated" pg 110 Lida is thanking Inge for giving her a shirt so that she can make something new for Zenia
  • "So the seamstress is a thief" pg 111 a soldier thinks that Lida stole the shirt that Inge gave her.

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