Boom to Bust: Visual Essay Olivia grabinski

Lesire Time- African Americans

In the 1920's African Americans spent their leisure time in big cities like Harlem, New York. Harlem was a place where African Americans could express their individuality through creativity.
Louie Armstrong was a famous musician during the 1920's. Him and many African Americans spent their time playing music and dancing. It was a way for them to escape their troubles.
After the economy crashed in the 1930's many african americans lost their jobs and some were left homeless. All the jobs were given to white's and colored people sufferd. During this time African Aericans had no time or money for leisre activies.
If African Americans had money during the great deppresion it was used on simple things. Many couldn't afford instruments but dancing and trips to the beach were still used as leiure time.

Economy- Buisness Owners

In the 1920's there was a boom of new products. Many buisness owners sold popular products which made lots of money. This image is an example of a product during this time.
To help sell products in the 1920's fancy posters and colors were used to lure custmors into buying their product, and most of the time it worked.
After the stock market crashed in the 1930's many people couldn't afford these products anymore. Because businesses made no money, they were forced to close and went bankrupt.
Even though times were tough during the great deppresion, FDR helped many business owners recover. Many programs were made to help people. This picture is an example of FDR being his friendly self and heping people.

Homelife- Women

This is a picture of a average family in the 1920’s. Many women had the "average life' in the 1920's that consisted of kids and a husband.
A stay at home mom in the 1920’s spent her day taking care of the children and shopping for consumer products.
After the economy crashed many women and stay-at-home moms had to work in the 1930’s so this iconic photo was made to encourage women.
In this photo women are working in a factory to help support their families.

Role of Government- Bankers/ Stock brokers

During the 1920's Stocks weren't conrolled by the government so many stocks didnt even exsist. Thats why stocks were so high during this time.
This poltical cartoon shows the fakeness of stocks in the 1920's. Without the government in control many investments weren't worth as much money as said. The cow expreses how many people invested their money.
After the Wall Street crash, FDR created a "New Deal" to help recover America and invlove the government in Banks.
This photo shows the "New Deal" helped tremendously in the 1930's. The role of goverment in Banks helped America's recovery.

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