Online PortfoliO By Tara Carley

My art experience this year was quite amazing. I pushed myself just a bit harder in order to get my work done. I had a lot of dilemmas, but was able to problem solve and draw my way through them. I learned many new techniques on drawing people, as well as still lives. The class was just as amazing! I got to work with my friends, as well as meet other great artists. My goal is to eventually get into AP art, or keep improving on drawing people, as well as animals and still lives.
I thought the upside down drawing challenge was going to be quite difficult but it was actually quite a fun challenge! Before we did this, we did something called blind contour. You look at an object as you try to draw it while looking away. This was pretty hard and did not come out looking like the shell I used, but the lines were relatively the same shape. Contour lines are essentially an outline of what your drawing is; many artists use this to improve.

Positive and Negative Space

As you see on the left side of my drawing, the spaces are positive. Lines are more detailed on this side and there is a greater amount of shading. It's darker in the main subject (which is my horse and I) compared to the background. Where as on the right (the negative side) the main subject is less detailed and lighter than the background.

Hand Drawing: Before

My hand drawing before wasn't terrible, but it lacked a lot of shading. Although the contour lines were good, much more detail was needed to make this look more realistic vs a 2D hand drawing.

Hand Drawing: After

At the end of the art semester my hand drawing has improved quite a bit. My shading and contour lines were much more 3D and realistic compared to my first drawing.

Profile: Before

My profile at the beginning of the year lacked a lot of detail in order to look realistic. This drawing resembled me slightly, but define toy has a lot of room for improvement.

Profile: After

My profile after was much of an improvement! It was much more accurate than my previous portfolio, and came out looking a lot like me. The form of my face came out more accurate with eyes, nose, and lips. I still would like to improve but I'm proud of this work overall.


One of my favorite pieces from this year's art class was my stippling project. I was extremely happy with how the value turned out. In order to get a darker shading the key is to add more dots in that area. The lighter you want it, the less dots you have to use.

Still Life

Another pice I'm extremely proud of is my still life. One of the most successful (but hardest) part of this drawing was the bottle. The shadows and highlights turned out super nice, and the blended texture pulls it all together. The deer antler also turned out good in shape, texture, and shading. Lastly, the sheets the antler and bottle are on came out quite well, and flow in with the drawing.

Scratch Board

Scratch art was definitely one of my hardest projects. But I eventually got it pieced together. One of the hardest things to get down was the value. I eventually found out that the less lines you have and lighter pressure kept the scratches darker. Whereas pressing harder and having lines closer together kept it lighter. The texture of the scratches also worked extremely well for animal fur.

2 Point Perspective

For my two point perspective I drew a tree house representing on of my favorite bands. In order to get a proper shape for the treehouse, I needed the find a vanishing point and horizon line around the center of my paper. (Vanishing point is the lightest area, and the horizon line is where the sky and ground meets. All of the tree house lines and angles reached to this point. If you look at the roof, you only see the front due to where the horizon line and vanishing point are located.


This drawing was probably one of the most challenging this year. To me, profiles are much more diccicult than a self portrait. My reason for this is because you need to figure out where in the worl you're supposed to start. Eventually it got easier the further I got into the drawing. One thing I'm quite proud of was the form and value of my face. I expected othat to come out disproportional, but it actually looked quite like me. I also like my hair in this drawing compared to my self portrait as it looks much mor like hair. Lastly, I was quite proud of how my flannel came out!

Oil pastel

In order to blend with oil pastels, layering is key. Starting light is going to help you much more than starting heavy. If you start heavy, things are going to get muddy and changing things is going to become harder. After you're done the oil pastel will take a texture like paint. You can use white to lighten colors, and use shades of blue, black, brown and any dark color to create shadows.

Art has always been one of my favorite classes; this year in high school art I found a new way to challenge myself. I really enjoyed learning different techniques to improve my drawings, as well as making them more accurate. Things found most challenging in this class was the still life and self portraits. I haven't had much experience with drawing real life objects, and I came not knowing much about drawing humans either. But with proper techniques and learning skills, and drawing became a fun possible challenge for me.

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