Digital Photography Michael Bordeaux

My name is Michael Bordeaux and I enjoy taking photographs. Taking photos is relaxing and allows me to use my creativity. My favorite past time is baseball.

My photo uses the rule of thirds by focusing on the top right where the sun is. The photo on the right also uses the rule of thirds by putting the focus on the bottom right where the football is.
Diagonal, Rule of Thirds, Run-off
The hands on Tintype process takes more merit than the digital photographic process to mimic the tintype process. This is because the settings in the digital photographic process can be adjusted but the actual process has to be completely re-done if you mess up.
The print came out fantastic. I had to make a negative in Photoshop and print it. After that, I mixed chemicals together and put it onto a paper. Once the paper dried, I put the negative on top of it and put them in the light box for a total of 11 minutes. The negative was printed onto the paper through this process and the chemicals were washed off right after it was taken out of the box. Lastly, i matted it and took a picture of it. I enjoyed this process because it was fun to learn about the old ways of photography. I prefer regular printing because it is less time consuming and it is easier to reprint if an error is made. The cyanotype came out successfully and the only thing I could have improved is possibly changing the exposure time.
Top left: the letter "o" Bottom left: the letter "H" Right: The letter "V" Bottom middle: the letter "N"
The way the lighting was put on the egg impacted the look of the egg. Depending on where the photo was taken, more or less of the egg was shown. It appears to look like the phases of the moon.
The purpose of taking pictures at different times with different lighting is to show us how lighting can impact a photo. I preferred artificial light because it allowed me to make the photo I wanted much easier. It also allowed me to give the watch a golden appearance to it even though it isn't. A challenge I had to face was making sure that there wasn't an overbearing glare on the watch because the watch has glass and metal that can reflect light. A few times I had to change the shutter speed to a faster time so the picture would be darker and less exposed. I chose this subject because it was my grandfather's and I got it after he passed away. The lighting enhanced the look of the watch and allowed me to put a ring of light around it to help focus on the watch.
It was fun and interesting directing someone to do what you want them to do for the photo. There is a diagonal in his arm that leads to the gravestone. This was chosen because it came out well and it appears as if he was actually touching the point. One thing that could be improved is the composition such as using the rule of thirds.
I chose the double exposure because it seemed more interesting and fun. One thing I could have done better is get a better image for the image inside my model. Also, I could have blurred the portrait with the background better so the edges aren't so hard.
I took a photo of an important monument/marker while in a car using the car to strengthen the composition. I had to get my father to drive me to an important monument in Sutton which happened to be a marker for how far away Boston is. Once I put the image in Photoshop, I had to convert it to black and white because that is how Lee did it. I had to figure out how to use a different camera and how to adjust the F-stop to what I wanted. I also had to adjust the shutter speed so that it wouldn’t blur while taking the photo. I would have liked to get more of the outside of the car in the reflection of the side view mirror.
  1. The theme is "end" and this is represented by the end of the candle burning. All that is left is the aroma of the candle and the smoke from the fire, representing the end.
  2. The theme is "noisy" and this is represented by the large amount of commotion that is going on in the picture. There are wires everywhere and different parts that do different things.
  3. The theme is "resolutions" and this is shown because it appears as if he is fighting to reach an end goal, whether that be surviving, harming others, or making peace.
  4. The theme is "journey"which is shown by the knife which is placed on the log. This makes the audience wonder why the knife is there and what happened for it to be there.
  5. The theme is "soft" which is represented by the calming mood given by a candle. A candle and its soft burn can make a room seem more peaceful.
  1. The theme is “what is it” which is represented by this blue rock. It is intended to make the audience think about what they are actually looking at because it was taken close up which allows for different perspectives and interpretations.
  2. The theme is “can’t live without” which is represented by 2 people pulling on a phone. Many people these days, including myself, can’t live without using the internet. One hand is trying to keep the other person from taking the phone because it feels like life or death.
  3. The theme is “fire” which is shown by the sunset. Fire gives a feeling of warmth and illuminates the area much like this sunset. It almost appears as if there is a fire but in reality it is just the Sun.
  4. The theme is “mirror” because a mirror has reflective qualities just like the water. There is a form of symmetry created by the reflection of the mirror-like water.
  5. The theme is “parallel lines” which is shown by the fence. It creates strong parallel lines and the side view mirror provides a parallel perspective than what is seen in the background.

My strongest image is the parallel lines image because I used what I've learned to create bokeh and I have great composition with the rule of thirds and strong leading lines, which brings the attention to the mirror and what is being reflected.

My favorite photo is my portrait photo of Patryk in a frame. I used my knowledge taught to me on how to take a portrait photo to first take the image. Then, I used editing skills taught to me to get rid of fingers in the frame and to make it appear as if he was in a tintype. This makes it appear as if he is trying to escape. My least favorite photo is the "N" for the letter project because it has no composition and is not interesting at all. I feel as if I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to create and image rather than just take it. I have also learned how to setup the camera to allow me to capture what I want.


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