INUVIL brief story of a village

The village Inuvil is situated in northern province,Sri-Lanka.It is situated along the K.K.S road, nearly 6 km far from jaffna town.

This village is included into the zone Valikamam.
We can see greenish and pleasant environment here.
The town and surroundings area has been populated by farmers.However,many of them have educated their children to be professionals.
In ancient times,the people of this village kept stones like this one for their cows .
We can't see 'THULA' in many places in nowerdays.Our former generations used it for water supply especially in farming.
There are people who have started their own business here.He has his own shop for his lifetime.He work happily without boring though he is old.
Inuvil Central College,Inuvil Hindu College,Inuvil/Ramanathan College are some of the schools in this village. This college is situated near by a temple and Inuvil museum.In the education of this village,Inuvil Library play a major role.
This university is built specially for teaching fine arts.Many artists are given y this univercity.
This photo is taken in Inuvil Kanthasamy Kovil.This temple is special for it's Ulaga perum Mancham.We can see the art 'Kavadi' in this photo.
Inuvil Kanthasamy kovil is compared to India's Thiruchchenthur.Inuvil area is mainly identified by others as 'Kovil veethy village'
This temple is located near by Ramanathan College.The speciallity of this temple is it is fully built by black stones.
Maruthanarmadam Anganeyar kovil is the well-known place in the village.
Here only we can see the largest statue of god in Jaffna.
This temple got it's name from the former king of Jaffna Kingdom which was a kingdom in anciant times before the arrival of Portukesues.Pararajasekara Pillayar temple is the name of this temple.
This photo is taken in Linkeswar Kovil.The speciallity of this temple is ,the whole poojas are done in tamil language here for the first time in Sri-Lanka.
Not only Hindus,christians and other people from other religions also live here with unity.Near to this church MC Leod hospital is situated which was built in 1898.
Near to the church,a elders' home is situated and it really do a unique and very good job.This photo is taken in the season of christmas.
Thank you all .

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