Rainbow Island IMagination is the Essence of Discovery

The seal is a rainbow to show color and creativity in life. We want to ensure that people have freedom to think. They can imagine what they want and can make up anything without being criticized for it. Each day a member of the island will have to create something new in there head that could help with the outside world. For government there is a chief ruler who looks over the city he also has a committee to help he decide laws etc. This government will ensure little conflict with the community because the people wont have to get involved. The location for this community will be on one of the islands of Tuvalu.

1. No Idea is bad 2. Ask questions 3. Speak of your emotions 4. Create something new daily 5. Have fun 6. Be free 7. Be happy 8. Lie if necessary 9. Do not leave the island unless instructed 10. Do not break laws or rules of community.

In the persons daily life... Wake up, have a morning meal, go to school, create whatever you imagined, have free time, evening meal, free time, night curfew.

On the island you are free to choose. You don't have to worry about what others think of you. It is a place of fun, learning and helping. It is the perfect place to live.

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