Students Life Raúl díez betancor. ///Alberto medina gAlván


All the students like to hang out whith their friends and do lot of things after classes . The 61% of the Spanish students like to play some sports like football , basketball or swim . The other 39% dont do anything . This is a problem because They dont hang out with their friends neither . In the weekends the most of the students like to go to parties with their friends . They like to hang out with their friends to eat something


1- WRITE YOUR OWN NOTES. You have to write your own notes because it is the best form to memorize all the things.

2- STUDY MANY SUBJETS AT THE SAME TIME. The organization is the dogma of the student and if you want to take a good mark in all your subjets you have to do this

3- DO NOT READ THE THINGS THOUSAND TIMES. You can read the things one , two , three times but you must not read lot of times.


The country that send more homeworks it is Spain (in Europe) . But the results are not the best... Finnland do not send homeworks and their have better Marks . For the students the homework is a big part of their life (in Spain) and if you want to have a good mark you have to do it . The homework is the 20% of your mark and this is a lot! The spanish students spend one or two hours a day doing homework.


The holidays are the best part of the student life , because every student have to rest for a week , month... The most of students like to go to the beach with their friends , travel to another country or another city , or sleep all the holidays in their beds . But ir you fail any subjet , the holidays are not really funny because you have to study all of the holidays.


When you are in the school or in the High School you make lot of friends and it is an important part of the student life . The most social people ussualy have better jobs and it is because this people have more habilities to talk with other people and be more sensible and sensitive . If you are not a social guy you probably have a bad remember of High School and the University.


When you are young the videogames are the best thing of your life and it is not good at all because you spend lot of time playing videogames . If you spend all your time playing videogames , you probably fail your exams . The other bad friends of the students are the parties and the alcohol . Go To the parties and have fun is a good thing of the student life , but you must not abuse of this.


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