A Wise Man Once Said... By: Shellie Peterson

You see wise people in everyday life, But what about the ones that go unnoticed Because of a few mistakes? Hosseini develops wise person by showing Amir's true colors to different situations he comes to contact with.

Memories follow you wherever you go in life. Amir is in America when Rahim khan calls him, & all the memories of afgahnastan comes back. "I looked up at those two kites. I thought of Hassan." Amir didn't forget the one person that taught him what a friend was, but he tries to forget what he did to him. " I ran because I was a coward. " (77) Amir knew he wasn't wise to run, but he did. You can't save everyone from the unknown.

It takes something durastic to change someone. After Hassan's Attack, Amir kept his distance. "For a week, I barely saw Hassan." (80) Amir feels the guilt about leaving him there. When Hassan comes to his birthday, he gives him the presents. "My heart sank, I almost blurted out the truth." (105) Amir keeps to himself once again, and making the friendship a little more difficult. Say the truth even if it hurts.

You can't control what happens next. When Amir moves to America with Baba, nothing can make him forget about Afgahnistan. "Afghanistan troubles were only a temporary interruption to our way of life." (199) Amir goes back to Afghanistan to save Hassan's son. "With a little boy. An orphan. Hassan's son somewhere in a Kabul. (227)

No matter what happened Amir still came and helped out with Hassan's family. Everything happens for a reason. Through the book, Hassani makes Amir make all these mistakes that make it where he wasn't wise, but he realized what happened and he learns from it.

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