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Hi. My name is Emilian Stefan and I am a thirteen years old boy. I am in seventh grade at school no. 5 from Galati, Romania. I have light blue eyes like the shiny sky. I am tall and my face shape is oval. My hair is blond.

I like going on holidays in summer and see another cities.

I am here in a few photos in my last holiday, when I visited Cluj-Napoca. It is a place with many beautiful places like museums, statues and parks.

I like to play with my cat. I love Physics, Geography and Biology. I like pasta and chicken. I like to playing on phone and surfing on Facebook. I like staying with my friends and talking with them.

In this photo is my little cat, Felix. It is about 6 months old.

I would like to visit Paris and London because they’re beautiful cities and they’re important cultural centres from Western Europe. I wish to visit Iasi because it’s the most important city from Moldavia.

Last week I was in Bucharest with some mates and our class-master at a zoology museum, named Antipa Museum. There are some photos with us. It was a beautiful travel, but it was just for a day.

For two years I practiced martial arts at my school. I learnt there how to live a healthy life and I became more disciplined. Below are photos with me at events and exams for achive belts. When I stopped practice, I had blue belt with yellow braid..

My last belt exam in 2016's spring.

Then I earned blue belt with yellow braid.

The start of a new school year in 2015.

An event with all martial arts practitioners from Galati in 2015 year.

A group photo with our Karate Club, named Kamikaze Dojo

Two years ago I visited Sibiu. Then I saw the largest outdoor museum from Romania , Astra Museum . There are many traditional houses, windmills, animal traps, a church and boats.

Oh. My face is here....I was between the woods.

Here I am with my friends.

I have many dreams and wishes for future. First of all I wish I could study from ninth grade until twelfth grade at CNMK or CNVA. I wish I could attend a good faculty . I also want to redecorate my room.

And this is the end of my story, unfortunately. Good bye !

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