Mohandas Gandhi Join me on my journey to independence

I was born on October 2, 1869 in Gujarat, India. When I was at the age of 19, I was fortunate to study law in London. I knew I wanted to come back to India for my career as a lawyer.
I traveled to South Africa where Indians were mistreated and I felt that the Indians should defend themselves and stand up against the British. I was able to create a non-violence movement where the Indians burned their passes in refusal to the British law. After the British left, I decided to move back to India.
My goal is to free India from colonial rule under Britain. I joined the Indian National Congress in efforts to display my thoughts in the fight. As a nation, we must unite to drive the British out of India. I believe that this can be achieved by using non-violent ways to fight back.
Join me on this fight for freedom where non-violence and civil disobedience will vanish the inequitable laws the British have placed in our nation. Every action I tend on achieving will be done peacefully without any violence. I refuse to be apart of any violent actions because I believe...

Although the British have already show cased violence to our nation, we must not give revenge in violence. The Amritsar Massacre that took place recently, April 13th, 1919, was a shame. The British brutality murdered 379 and over 1,500 injured innocent people. The British resort to violence to show power but we can show much more power by resisting to fight. We must fight for our freedom through peaceful actions.

The British have always had interest in India since the 1600's due to India's supply of raw materials. When the British took control, they denied Indian's the right to grow our own materials. Instead, the British force the Indian's to work in mines and farms to profit the British yet we still can only buy British goods.
The British are making large amounts of profits off our home land. I believe by boycotting the British goods we can decrease those profits. Join me in my actions of non-violence and join the Homespun Movement. Create your own clothes and deny Britain's. This will put the British out of business in India and drive them out of our land.
One of the most important material for Britain that is found in India is salt. The British have placed a monopoly on our salt meaning we cannot make our own. I think not. We can not just stand here and pay for the salt that the British takes from our land. We must stand against them and I intend on marching across India to the ocean where we make OUR salt. This action will be called the Salt March and I intend on making this a world renowned action of rebelling against the British peacefully. This will draw attention to the injustice ways the British are treating us.
Our nation must unite as one in order to successfully get rid of the British for a independent India. I intend on peacefully fighting for this freedom until it is accomplished. Join me, on this journey to independence.


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