Growing up Irish A story about Maureen

Maureen Shay's grandparents immigrated to the United States from Ireland during a time of tremendous struggle. She grew up following in their footsteps. She has seen and heard stories about what it means to work hard and earn a living in the United States.

Maureen's grandparents when they first came to the United States and her mother with Maureen's newborn daughter.

Maureen's grandfather told her of how he worked and earned money to take a boat to the United States from Ireland to make a better life for himself. Her grandparent's story is one of hard work, saving their money and family. They were wonderful grandparents to Maureen and taught her what it meant to be a hard worker in this country.

Maureen grew up in Ridgefield, CT before moving to Kansas City, KS when she was 15.

Maureen’s parents believed that they had God to thank for much of their blessings and good fortune in this country.

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