My experience at the Constans Theatre By:Cyrus Moshirfar

As I entered the doors of the Retiz Union I was greeted by many people at the entrance of the Constans Theatre. The talkative and energetic environment created by the students amplified my sense of excitement before seeing the play, The Divine. After the gentleman swiped my gator one I was greeted by a large area with exceptional lighting. Sitting down towards the middle of the row I had a perfect view of what was going to be one of my favorite plays of all time. Enjoying the experience the theatre had to offer my mental thoughts were interrupted by the dimming of the lights and the start of the play. As the play continued I was surprised by the great sound the theatre had to offer. The large area and the acoustic technology found in the establishment gave me goosebumps at certain portions of the play. This places the ideology behind openness in the good life which is found at the Constans Theatre.
Before heading to the play I wore my nice button down shirt and long pants and headed to the dining hall to meet my friend Tanner. After we're done eating we both head to the Constants Theatre to watch the seemingly interesting play The Divine. Going with a friend made my experience far better then going alone. Laughing together at the funny jokes the play had to offer and discussing about the play during the ten minute intermission made me not only enjoy the play more but better understand what was happening at certain points in the plot. The shared experience greatly exemplifies what the good life truly is. Trying new things with random people and or your friends can create new relationships which is a major aspect in the good life.
During and after the performance I analyzed the universal truth behind the play. After awhile I came to the realization that the play was centered about the hardships the poor faced and the patriarchal society that was during that time era. Prior to this performance I understood the fact of how women were looked less to compared to men in a patriarchal society. Furthermore, I was aware of the dangerous and inhuman conditions the workers had to endure when working at a textile mill. By understanding the hardships the working and the poor class went through during that play, I now show more gratitude and empathy towards people who may not be as well of as I am. I have made no connection between the subject matter of this play and my life as a whole.
The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt provides us an opportunity to perform the process of Katharsis. This process allows us to come clean and to find the true meaning of what it takes to be a happy human. By watching the play we understand the struggle that the impoverished faced during the nineteenth century. Furthermore, witnessing the difficulties that women faced in a male orientated society broaden my mindset of the struggle that females and the poor faced. The only thing that drove these characters throughout there roles was the fact that they were a strong family in the play, this can represents how close relationships and having close loved ones is essential in creating meaning and happiness in a human's life.

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