My Learning Journal Alyson gooch

adobe skill builder: digital video

march 2017

This is my vacation video for Assignment 1 in the AGP Skillbuilder Digital Video. I really enjoyed creating this video and learning about setting keyframes to create the Ken Burns effect and reduce or raise the opacity of individual video clips and still images.

Above is my 30 second video for assignment 2. I had a lot of fun editing it. 30 seconds can be a long time or an extremely short time! The more I work in Premiere, the more comfortable I get with the program and I am starting to gain confidence in my skills...but I still have so much to learn! I really liked the layout of this course and will use a similar style in my classroom. I have an online classroom that my students go to after several in-class lectures and hands-on demonstrations. Creating online lectures with videos and links to articles, etc really enhances the students' learning experience. This also allows learners to work at their own pace and motivates them to learn more.



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