Artificial Intelligece

Your initial understanding of artificial intelligence?

My understanding of artificial intelligence is how in the future it will apparently be in great use and help with our world.

How has your understanding changed due to this project?

My understanding of it did change because of how so much research and videos that were put into class can make you really think on perspective of the future wise. It honestly made me realize on how our world based on technology is progressing.

Why keep pursuing to make robots like at FIU, if there are videos that are making you think of possibilities of the outcomes turn wrong, like what we can be looking forward into the future?

In reason why FIU programs this is due to how they think it will help out some jobs but also just willing to create some thing that will be useful in some cases. However, I personally wouldn't think of helpful because of taking jobs that people need.

A typical day with an artificial intelligence machine with me would honestly make me feel very weird and just uncomfortable knowing that there is a robot with me that looks human. In regards of a typical day, I feel that it would go with me to like school and just have a normal causal day. It specials abilities to say, I feel that it would be anything you would think of because personally I think if it's to be with you all day and every play knowing it acts like a bodyguard to put to say.

Android Bill of Rights/Restrictions:

Rights of Android would be to respect and think of people's space when is told to. Rights are most likely the same as us people have but restrictions are to at least think of the people's feelings and try to relate or comprehend in the world surroundings.

Top Ten Reasons Against Artificial Intelligence:

1. Lose in jobs

2. Wouldn't have your own learning experience of right and wrong

3. Would conflict of emotions

4. Have no control of opinion wise

5. Would possibly have different emotions that cannot or wouldn't know how to control it.

6. Social interaction would be less daily

7. Androids don't have a heart so in cases they would overrule it due to not having a conscience

8. Less humans will have in the world because how would people make money to help families if most money will go towards making new AI robots/machines.

9. Living with one may not come across to yourself easily because you will never be alone or just with your friends/family because you will always have a robot there with you.

10. What if one day they decided to control humans instead of humans telling the robots there opinion in things.

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