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Nutrition is one of the classes that I am taking this semester. I thought this class would be an "easy A", but I soon found out that no class at Clemson is easy. I have a lot of hard classes on my schedule including math, biology, and microeconomics. Nutrition was the class that surprised me the most out of all of my classes because I didn't expect it to be very difficult like I knew all the other ones would be. Nutrition has a lot of material that I thought wouldn't be as hard as it is. I am making lower grades than I expected, and I am very disappointed in myself.

This is my second nutrition test post-test form. I missed quite a few questions, and they didn't all fit on this page, so I had to fill out a second page also.
This finishes up the second page I needed to fill out to finish the post-test analysis form.

How did I feel about the test?

This second test that I took in nutrition was my lowest test grade out of the three I have taken so far. There was a lot of material on there that I needed to know. During this test time I had a lot of other schoolwork going on, so I wasn't exactly focused on this test as much as I should have been. I missed a lot of the questions because some of the material I got confused on, or I wasn't sure about which answer to chose. I was mainly unprepared, and I made careless mistakes which hurt me in the long run. I didn't study as much as I should have. I studied for about 3 days before the test, 1-2 hours each day. When I visited my professor in her office, I explained my studying situation to her. She talked me through how to study better for her tests. She told me that to study appropriately for her tests that I should fill out the study guides 3-4 days before the test, study the power points, and read the book. All three of these things tie together giving the same information which should really help me on further tests.


For the next test I will do everything I was advised to do by my professor. I will make sure that I check her page for the study guide as soon as possible. As soon as I find it I will fill it out quickly/efficiently so that I can have it ready to go. I will study this for several hours over several days before the test. I want to make sure that I am as ready as I can be for the test, so I will also read over the chapters in the book to pick out any useful information I can find, and I will study over the power points that she goes over in class. During the test I always make careless errors on multiple choice. For this next test I am challenging myself to take my time, and make sure I know that the answer I chose is correct before I move on. I think that if my plan goes well I should make an awesome grade, and be really satisfied.


During this experience I learned that going to meet with your professors can be very helpful. I was always nervous to meet with them, but after emailing my professor she was very helpful and understanding. Also filling out the form was very helpful. I was able to look back over my test, and see what I missed and why. I learned that I usually miss multiple choice questions because I either don't know the material, or I make a careless errors and choose the wrong answer.

TEST #3 Results

Test 4 was the test that I took after I went to visit my professor about my test taking skills, and what I could do better to improve my grades. I saw so much improvement with this test. I made a high B (86), and it felt so good. I made less mistakes, I didn't miss as many questions, and I studied so much harder. I think I was able to make this grade because I got help from my professor. If I wouldn't have got any help I wouldn't have know how to correct what I was doing wrong. Visiting with my professor helped me a lot, and I thank her for her help.

This is the post-test analysis form my third test. I missed less questions, new more material, and improved my overall test taking skills.


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