THE Butterfly Museum Morgan jenness

me chillin with frederico the butterfly.

Nature on display: I liked how the winding path brought me through the exhibit and maximized the fauna. In a way, it brought me to a special and peaceful head-space. Walking through the path felt like a lifetime in itself. At first I grew close and observant of all the butterflies but after some time the mere presence of its enclosing grew on me. it feels like i was an oompa loompa in charlies butterfly chocolate factory.

nature And ethics: I didn't like that they were trapped! It made me contemplate the nature of our own human existence. Are we not always enclosed, by some thing? Another thing that bothered me was that the butterflys were not acting as they normally would in nature. different species do not normally try to mate. I think that people should learn to enjoy nature as is and not try and modify it to create a nature experience like this museum has. the very concept of this exhibit is humanistic and not naturalistic. i would have been much happier enjoy a garden meant to attract the native butterflys than one made to entrap and display exotic ones.

Nature and The Human Spirit: Personally nature has helped me study and i always am more focused when i study in nature. i have notice this phenomena occurs because it draws my attention away from my own thought cycle often enough that allows me to refocus on the task at hand. I have noticed this effect is rather calming and helps me stay in the grind during long and often tedious study sessions. That kind of effect i think is what every human spirit needs once in a while to maintain focus and clarity in daily life.

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