Election Fever Where Does DHS Stand on the Upcoming Election?

“The election season is getting out of hand. In my Graph X class, there are a ton of kids who are designing with one goal in mind-- to offend as many Democrats as possible.” -- Senior Julianne Peters.

The United States and Dexter High School alike are split down the middle regarding the upcoming election. Although most students don’t particularly like either candidate, they most certainly know the side in which they fall. In light of a recent social movement -- Black Lives Matter -- against police brutality, that specifically caught fire in June, teens have seemingly taken more of a stance in politics than ever before. We sent out a survey to DHS students and an overwhelming 92% said that they think recently teenagers have been more interested in politics.

DHS Principal Kit Moran stated, “100%, and that’s a good thing” when asked if he’s seen an increase in student political involvement. “I’m sad that it’s taken some of the things going on in our country to make it happen… When I see teenagers excited about our country it gives me hope."

Even though most teens at Dexter High School can’t vote, they have been keeping themselves informed about politics and are using their social media platforms to inform others and speak their opinions.

Senior Maura Moller notes, “It’s basically all I see, everyone is posting about politics.”

With all of this in mind, a big question arises: Where does Dexter High School stand on Trump vs. Biden? While slightly less than 50% of DHS students said they identified as a Democrat, 67.5% said they would vote for former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden for President. In contrast, about 20% of students said they identified as a Republican which was similar to the 22.5% that said they would vote Republican President Donald Trump to a second term.

Kelly Theros, a more progressive senior, told us that “I would vote for Biden because his morals follow better with mine than Trump’s do, not to mention Trump has been blatantly racist, homophobic and sexist."

"Trump wants the rich people richer and the poor people poorer. Biden wants to help those poor people to get them get them on their feet so they can at least have a home and not live paycheck to paycheck. Biden isn’t my first choice, but he is a much much much better choice than Trump."

"Sadly, I am not able to vote, my birthday is January of 2003, so I missed it by like three months. I am passionate about this because of the fact that I don’t want someone who represents so much hate and discrimination to be the president.

With over 20 sexual assault allegations, blatant racism, and sexist comments, he is proving that you can do whatever you want when you’re a rich white straight male and you will not have consequences for your actions.”

Amanda LaRoe, a more conservative senior wrote, "I believe every election is important. Every election you have an opportunity to vote for someone to be in a position to make decisions on your behalf-- from local communities to our Federal Government. I have researched what each party stands for, and although I am not able to vote in the 2020 elections, I would certainly be voting Republican and for the re-election of President Trump."

"My personal beliefs are the basis of my decision. I truly believe that a strong economy and personal freedoms that are protected for all rests heavily on this election."

"To have a President who puts the citizens of the USA first, who will fight for legal immigration, who will fight for both businesses and all individuals to thrive in our country, that will keep our military strong and who will protect and fight to preserve our Constitution, the only choice is to vote for conservative Republican candidates--starting with President Trump and following through to our local elections."


Created with an image by Luke Michael - "Red, White & Blue"