Precious Plastic LA is the Do-It-Yourself solution to plastic recycling. By demonstrating our system we bring a truly unique and interactive activation to your live event ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! With a combination of science fair, carnival game, art show and hands-on museum we strive to cultivate an environment of fun and learning at our waste solutions event exhibit. Be it a 3 day music festival or a Sunday's farmers market our show of DIY plastic recycling will help you make a statement about your dedication to the future of regenerative solutions!

Precious Plastic LA's event exhibition at Adidas/Parley Run For the Oceans LA 2018

The machines we use are part of the open source designs created by Dutch inventor Dave Hakkens and are available FREE online for anyone to download! And they are open source- which means everyone can build them!

above: Inventor Dave Hakkens in front of his Precious Plastic machines below: Precious Plastic Map map.preciousplastic.com connects machine builders, designers, engineers, and those looking to get involved with local organizations and workspaces

The project strives to inspire people who see the problem to join the movement and start taking action about plastic pollution in their own town. We are now a worldwide community of people collaborating across six continents to revolutionize the way we see the material known as plastic. Precious Plastic aims to connect people who see the problem and the opportunity to clean it up.

+2 hour line @ adidas 747 warehouse party to receive keychain pendants made at event

Our exhibit engages and educates attendees about the different types of plastic they encounter everyday- from what it is made of to what it takes to recycle it. We demonstrate- in front of their eyes- how to take normally disposable items of single use plastic and create unique works of art from them.

Top Left: Attendees at Adidas/Parley Run For the Oceans LA 2018 Top Right: Precious Plastic team showing attendees at Adidas/Parley Run for the Oceans NYC 2018 the process Bottom Left: A laser cut light switch plate cover created with corn starch bioplastic Bottom Right: Surf Fins from a PP partner Modern Peoples made from Upcycled HDPE detergent bottles

Another big dimension of our exhibition is our goal to empower consumers with knowledge to make better decisions when buying plastic products and create demand for smarter types of non-toxic plastic and biodegradable packaging. We support the reduction of single use plastic packaging and wish to help create more circular and regenerative solutions to things we use everyday.

Participants are invited by Precious Plastic team members to bring their used plastic cup, fork, knife, or plate and drop it into the hopper of our PRECIOUS PLASTIC SHREDDER- where it is ground into small flakes right before their eyes! A clear plexiglass hopper so that attendees can really see what's happening! The shredding has on many occasions been described as “satisfying!” and “mesmerizing!”. The shredder machine is also convertible to HUMAN-POWER! Attendees can actually shred the plastic themselves by climbing atop an exercise bike!

Then, like every good show with prestige, we must then bring the plastic back to life! The participant is instructed to bring the flakes to the Injection Mold Station where a Precious Plastic team member instructs the attendee how to feed the flakes into the hopper of the injection tube. When the plastic reaches the correct temperature it is in a liquid molten state and ready to inject. We explain to the attendees how this this is below the "smoke point" so we do not release hazardous toxins. A injection mold is attached to the outlet of the tube by a team member and the participant uses both hands to pull down on the lever like an old fashioned water pump. The hot viscous plastic is squeezed into the mold to be formed into one of the products. We can even use a laser etched clear acrylic mold so attendees can actually see the multi colored plastic flow into it! We can create customized molds with event or sponsor logos that participants will be able to take home and show off!

We can create custom cell phone cases for attendees. Designs available at www.preciousplastic.com
Our Injection machines
Left: The future of plastic consumers being educated at Adidas/Parley RTFO NYC 18 Middle: One of our Run for the Oceans commemorative keychains Right: closeup of the teeth of the shredder

And commemorative event keychains are just the beginning...

The machines can be used to build entire HOUSES!
Creating form out of patterns

As the LA branch of Precious Plastic we feel is our responsibility to use our unique position of influence in the world to give plastic recycling the celebrity it deserves! We have had much celebrity interested including making a limited run of our event keychains for Jaden Smith's JUST water brand that uses plant based packaging.

Jaden and Willow Smith visiting Precious Plastic LA. Damian Marley sporting his custom JUST keychain. The keychains.

We also happily demonstrate to the participant our “Easy Bake” method! This shows participants just how easy it is to get started making things out of plastic at home. We use modified paper shredders to the shred plastic and toaster ovens to heat the bioplastic safely to a temperature where it is the consistency of hot mozzarella cheese and can be scooped up with spackle knives then pressed into one of our silicon molds. We even teach people how they can make their own silicon molds and recreate objects out of plastic at home! Educating and encouraging safety throughout this whole process is our priority.

Once the mold has cooled the custom pendant is ready and a keychain attached. The participant can then finish the edges of their keepsake with sandpaper if they wish or leave it rough as a reminder to the raw nature of the recycling demonstration they just participated in.

Molded keychains made with our 'Easy Bake' method
adidas/parley RUN FOR THE OCEANS keychains

We aim to drive awareness about the realities of the plastic pollution crisis that our world currently faces and inspire every person to do their part to create change. We see Precious Plastic DIY recycling as a great way to engage people to understand the plastic waste that they create and how they can change their action in order to reduce and reuse in addition to recycling. We seek to promote circular economy solutions that inspire people to demand cradle to cradle products as opposed to single-use products that end up as waste or have very low recycling rates. The question almost always arises - “Is recycling a good solution?” and our response is ultimately - “That is for us to figure out together”

Our co-founder Marcus Rosenthal with another satisfied fan.
Our other co-founder Garrett Cadou engaging a participant in discussion

By co-branding your event with Precious Plastic LA you have the ability to make a contribution to a project that is actually doing something about our plastic waste issue on the spot. And more importantly, sharing this vital knowledge with your attendees!

If you are going to have single use plastic at your event then we have the ability to make your event more fun and sustainable! With proper planning and coordination we can take it a whole step further by creating a circular economy at your event where our keepsake tokens would actually be redeemable for discounts on food or other goods sold. This incentivizes and gamifies the process of recycling at your event and leaves a last impression with the attendees about your commitment to the Earth!

Precious Plastic LA traveled to NYC and Toronto for the Adidas Run for the Oceans 5k there and staffed their booth with locals residents who are becoming involved with the project as well.

Our goal with out of town events is to utilize our budget as much as possible to hire locals we find through the map.preciousplastic.com website and coordinate them actually beginning their own branch of Precious Plastic. Think of your contribution for our services as a kick start to the local project in your town!

some other upcycled creations made by partners of Precious Plastic LA. We like to think of our booth as an art gallery to promote other artists as well!

We would love to interface with you directly and see how Precious Plastic can be part of your next event! Email us at PreciousPlasticLA@gmail.com and please check us out on Facebook and Instagram @preciousplasticLA www.preciousplasticla.com