How to heal the world Pablo Morán Godoy

The factories' smoke is polluting to the atmosphere and unhealthy for the people

The plastic bags be late to decompose 100-1000 years!

You can see the diference , turtles does not

A lot of animals are dying for plastic bags. We can save his lifes using biodegradables bags and never throwing things to the sea.

3 millions tonne of oil are spilled on sea every year, and the animals suffer

The renewable energy, the second chance of the world

The arinaga's wind park can generate energy for 9000 families.

Controlled fishing

The fishing is a problem which affect all people, because it produce that the fishing boats buy more oil and it's polluting. So I propose the controlled fishing

Now there are a lot of people who throw fishing creels everywhere and it is ending with the local wild animals.

Another problem is the cars' smoke which everyday more, pollute the air. An alternative to this, is to use the public transporter like bus, underground which pollute, but less tha the cars, motorcycle and taxis


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