Poker Flash A simultanous action card game


Poker Flash is a simultaneous action sequence card game in which players compete to create the highest scoring hands, using their own cards as well as the cards of their fellow players. Cards are strategically traded amongst players until everyone believes they have the best hand possible.

Hands you are aiming for


1 deck of cards

Point chips (around 10 per player) can be anything from pennies to poker chips

A timer

How to Play

  • Once players have received their cards their cards they look through their hands to see what cards they have.
  • Each player chooses three cards within their hands to hold onto, and takes the other three and puts them face down on the table (these cards will be used to trade with other players to receive cards that will help complete player’s hands) .
  • Players all flip their cards face up at once and timer for 1 minute is started. Once cards are flipped, players must negotiate with other players to get the cards they want, without letting on how good their hands could be. Eg: “Will you trade me this 8 of spades for your queen of diamonds”
  • Players can trade cards for exactly one minute and can trade as much as they want, but at the one minute mark, must have exactly three cards face up in front of them. During this 1 minute trading period, players will also have the ability to use the five point chips they were dealt at the beginning of the hand, to “sweeten the deal” when trading for a card they want. Eg: “I will give you my 9 of spades and 2 point chips for your ace of diamonds.”
  • Once the minute is up players recombine the three cards they initially kept with the three cards they traded to receive and this is the hand they play.
  • Out of these 6 cards they play 5 that make up the best hand. Whoever has the highest hand (scoring below) receives the number of point cards that correlate to that hand.

The scoring is as follows: ONE PAIR: 3pts

TWO PAIR: 5ptsTRIO: 6pts STRAIGHT: 7pts FLUSH: 8pts FULL HOUSE: 9pts FOUR OF A KIND: 10pts STRAIGHT FLUSH: 12pts ROYAL FLUSH: 14pts 7.

  • Once hand is played, players turn in their cards and the deck is shuffled 8. Steps 1 through 7 are repeated until a player reaches a score of 18 and this player is the winner.


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