Jeremy Scheller Claude Monet Work analysis

"The Poppy Fields Near Argenteuil" Musée d'Orsay.

The point of emphasis for this piece appears to be centered around the woman and child in the bottom right of the painting. They are near a point of emphasis, have colors contrasting those of the green dominated area, and drawing attraction through the woman's diagonal arm in action.

Color is crucial in this piece, with the red and yellow poppies spaced throughout the green field. The blue sky makes up the spacial divide. Monet's works do not usually include easily visible lines, but a line of sight can be seen where the woman is pointing to and looking at, and curved lines are used to define the hills. Shape encompasses every object in this piece. The woman, the , the girl, the house, the poppies, the trees, etc. the texture of the piece feels smudged, not in a way that ruins visual dlarity, but is noticable. The sky has a bright blue tint, with darker underbrush for the trees.

This piece makes me feel both awake and relaxed. The rich green and blue colors with their cooling effect, combined with the outdoor setting, help me to feel alert and aware of the outside. The sheer vastness of the open sky, with a house just within view, gives adventure in a peaceful way. The warm poppies give a sense of relaxation, breaking up the cool green.

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