For this project a boat that could float was needed. An object will only float if its density is greater than that of the water ( 1 g/ml ). Density is the amount of matter in the space an object takes up, therefor, the mass and volume of the boat should be high enough to create a high density level. For stability different boat designs were looked up. When the right one was found it was recreated on Tinker-cad. Buoyancy plays a big role too, Buoyancy is the upward push of water that goes against the downward push of gravity. The Buoyant Force is the weight of displaced water from putting an object in.
The weight of the final boat and the weight of displaced were calculating. The weight of the final boat was o.118 n. The weight of the displaced water was 0.31 n. It was determined that the boat would float, and so it did.
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