Psychology of Blogging

Blogging originally involved creating a personal web log in which a person would journal about their day or about a particular topic. Today, blogging involves various types of information sharing ranging from a food blog sharing new recipes to a home business.

Identifying the Problem

Problem: Many people are drawn to the idea of letting their voice be heard through blogging. For some people however, the fear of blogging is paralyzing. The focus of our project is to identify some solutions to overcoming the fear of blogging. To help understand these fears, we will explore the psychology of blogging. Through this research, we will look at why people fear blogging. Once we have the understanding for these fears, then we can outline steps to overcome these fears. Our hope is that by overcoming the fear of blogging, this can also help with other aspects of the individuals overall life perspective.


Five Common Fears of Blogging


Possible Solutions: 5 common fears in blogging and how to deal with each:

  • I don't know what to talk about

Talk about your life experiences

  • I'm afraid of what people might think of me

Write for your fans, not your critics

  • Nobody will read it

Dont be afraid to share your point of view and ask for feedback

  • I dont have enough time

Put aside 20 minutes of your day just to blog

  • I hate my blog/website design

Keep it simple

Media proposal

Proposal: Please view our video outlining out problem and possible solution.



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